Obama & Reagan: There's No Comparison

Despite what Time Magazine thinks, there's really no comparison between Obama and President Reagan.Obama and Jimmy Carter? They're practically long-lost twins....more

You might find this article about Reagan's popularity and style interesting. ...more

There are reasons I like to post on Blogher

 There are reasons I like to post on Blogher—for the most part, generally civil debate like the kinds of comments I get on my own blog....more

Unfortunately, what you've experienced has been what many others report. It's too bad, isn't it? ...more

2010:The Year In Review

 2010 was a year that saw a lot of high points for the international movement to help the Congolese people find peace and regain their lives after years of war and violence. The American public and the US government finally seems ready to face the grim facts that the instability in the DRC is causing unbearable mortality rates, massive displacement and widespread sexual violence. And once they were informed about the tragedy, they were not able to remain silent....more

Give the Sharks an XMAS Gift-.Ask Obama to Sign Shark Conservation Act

The Shark Conservation Act of 2010 will ban the practice of shark finning, which involves catching sharks, cutting off their fins, and releasing them alive into the water to suffer a slow painful drowning death. All for shark fin soup and other "delicacies". This act would close a loophole that banned the practice in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in earlier 2000 legislation, but omitted the Pacific Ocean. It also will require that boats in  United States waters keep the entire shark carcass intact....more

Cat and Dog Fur Apparel Must be Labeled

About 10 years ago, we discovered that some ski boots were lined with dog fur and sold by a chain of sporting good stores. Although legal across the United States, selling those boots in California violated a section of the Penal Code which makes it a misdemeanor to sell, buy, possess, give away or import a dog or cat pelt. Additionally, there was no label disclosing the type of fur used in the boot.  We successfully prosecuted the stores....more

PRESIDENTIAL PLUNDER ~ Obama's Anti-American Agenda

These past few months have been slightly mind-blowing for me.  I know the past couple of years have been so for many, but I have to admit, I was so wrapped up in my own drama and turmoil that my only observation regarding politics, (which I've had a limited knowledge of until recently) was that this Obama guy was too smooth a talker with lots of too good to be true promises....more

It's clear that you hold a more balanced perspective than your post indicated. I suppose that ...more

You May Not Like this, But You Owe it to Yourself to Check it Out...

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and I don't buy into a lot of those really "out there" theories and beliefs.  I am, however, open to self-education, new ideas and thoughts.  I am always willing to consider a possibility before discarding one....more

I agree. The world economy is so manipulated. There are puppetmasters. I need to check out the ...more

The White House Teams Up with Monster.com: Will it Help Job Seekers?

Starting today through November 14, 2010, job seekers can visit the Monster.com Facebook page and post questions to the Obama Administration regarding America's employment climate. The intention is that questions that garner a lot of comments or rack up the "Likes" will be answered by the White House via video responses posted online. Mashable announced this news recently and the comments are already flowing. As with any high-profile partnership between the White House and say, anybody, questions abound. Most important among them, will this sort of forum truly benefit most out of work Americans ...more

Thanks for your thoughts...

It is awesome when people learn from each other. Where I see ...more

America’s Message: 2010 Election Recap

Politician in Training If you ask Darling 1 what he wants to be when he grows up, he will tell you: Bruce Springsteen, a base...more

I'm kind of over Jon Stewart

That's right, I said it. I'm kind of over The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I watched a lot during the Bush administration, not every night, but often. Then Colbert came around, and I just found him funnier. By the time the 10 o'clock hour comes around, I'm more interested in laughing, not serious politics, which is where Jon Stewart has gone. Don't get me wrong, I entertained the idea of heading to DC for his rally. And sure, he has his jokes, but his whiny voice just feels like nails in my brain. He takes himself very, very seriously....more