Are you a snooper?

One day I asked my work team to stand in a circle, unlock their phones and pass them to the person on their left....more

Simple Trick for Keeping Track of Online Passwords

As an author/solopreneur, there is no doubt that you spend a large amount of time online. Nowadays, we have to, right? So, with all the websites and forums we belong to comes the task of keeping track of many different passwords....more

I Don't Need Anymore Clothes...

…are words that have never come out of my mouth.And likely never will.Yesterday, I went to the mall because I needed to go to Sephora (I’m pretty sure the tiny rim of my foundation compact breaking into 100 pieces can justify my “need” to go) and I had a $10 off $10+ purchase at JcPenney, so I figured I’d walk around for a little bit.I determined about 15 minutes in that I don’t like malls anymore....more

E-Harmony: Advising you to submit to your male overlords, one date at a time

I received a call from the owner of a local Philadelphia Boutique, Never Too Spoiled, asking me If I would be willing to give a talk on body language, dating, and romance. In preparation, I googled "dating advice body language"; this was the first thing that came up: ...more

Is Finding Balance All It's Cracked Up to Be?

I've seen a lot of posts lately on blogs or in comment threads discussing "finding balance." "How do you find balance as a blogger?" "How do you balance your work and family life?" "How balanced is your social media vs. face-to-face interaction with people?" ...more
Almost always when I hear the phrase finding your balance, my brain seems to shut down. the ...more

How to Protect Your Information Online from Hackers

It's a crazy world out there when it comes to information theft. Hackers don’t care if you are a nice person. Hackers don't even care if you have a "small blog" when they want to take over your space. If you offer them the opportunity to be inside of your precious virtual world, they won’t hesitate and they will leave a serious mess behind. I spent hours fixing my email account and Facebook account after being hacked, and sadly I lost some friends along the way. At the end of my giant headache, I promised to myself it not only won’t happen again, but that I'd pass my hard-won lessons along. So here some useful tips that I use everyday. There is no 100% anti-hacker system, but these tips will at least allow you to feel a little more in control of your information, blog, and accounts. ...more


My first year in Second Life was amazing. The first person I became friends with, Reya, took me under her wing and taught me how to use the design tools. We explored different sims together, told each other our secrets, and even rented land together next to her good friend Vollmar. Now Vollmar had created this fricking amazing sim next door, a huge warehouse filled with staging equipment. Yes, I said that correctly. Virtual staging equipment that is used for larger events inside the game....more

Degrees of Separation

After that, things went downhill quickly at work. I mean, within weeks. The Dentistry “event” that kept getting deferred in planning finally came upon us, with no real curriculum. It was used, along with the silly “t-shirt” incident, as ammo against me during a performance review....more