Social Media: 5 Steps For Creating A Community

Social media is a huge asset to your small business marketing efforts, and you know you need to be a part of it....more

Why Blog? To Find Your Own Truth

I've been blogging for almost four years, but for the past six months, it has felt more like a chore than a joy. My posts have been sporadic at best, whether it was a lull in content ideas or a busy freelance schedule, one thing was clear: I seemed to have lost my passion for blogging. ...more

Relationship Marketing – The Stuff Success Is Made Of

Being self employed, working from home, making your own schedule and doing what you love are wonderful things. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. We all want to be able to make as much money as we want, to have the income to be able to generously provide for our families, give back to the world, to be the captain of our own destiny. To leave the world a better place than we found it....more


The semester break fiction project really started by accident.  I'd had a story sort of rattling around in my head for a few years, and I found myself daydreaming bits and pieces of it during down times and car trips.  But I wasn't willing to share it.  Sharing fiction is like public speaking, or singing karaoke before the rum kicks in, or arriving at school to discover you'd forgotten your pants at home.  It makes me vulnerable in a way that blogging about my acne, my facial hair, my flabby thighs or my dietar...more

I'm Not An Expert, I Just Play One on the Internet

There are several torturous things I do to myself (aside from eating far too much chocolate, overbooking my schedule like a peak season holiday flight to Cancun, and keeping my laptop at the kitchen table by The Least Ergonomic Chair in the World).  I study social theory, internalizing all the harm we have done to each other on the slim chance that my eminently unremarkable mind will be able to contribute something useful.  I actually pay for this privilege curse.  And then?...more
 @@BehavioralChild Peach cake does sound very good....  My brother has Asperger's syndrome, and ...more

From Bridge to Mommy Blogging: Moms Connecting Over the Years

When I was young, every so often my mom played Bridge with her other mom friends during the day. Bridge days were days when my mom and her friends got together. Yes, they played cards, but they also talked and laughed. It was a way for them to break out of the social isolation of their world as a stay-at-home mom and connect. Today, that need to connect is still very real. There are playdates and playgroups and meet-ups at Starbucks. And, for the mommy bloggers out there, there is a thriving online community that is both a blessing and a curse....more
Hey there, Shannon! Boy, I love this post. What a neat way to express the difference between my ...more

Responsibility in the Online World

I belong to a number of online parenting groups. Most of them are related to special needs parenting but I am also in a couple of groups for local moms.In one of these groups, I recently got involved in a debate on vaccines. I won’t go into the details of the debate, but like these things do, it turned ugly. This was in part my fault because I used the word “responsibility.”...more

Don't Let Blogging (or Reading Blogs) Suck You Dry

I see it from where I stand as sort of both truths at the exact same time -- we’re a cohesive group (especially in comparison to other online communities) yet we’re also very much divided into small cliques. Back when I first started blogging, I had about 100 blogs on the original blogroll. There were 10 categories. Now, there are 52 categories and over 2700 blogs. And I add about 20 more each week. ...more
I am so absolutely "out of the loop", when it comes to blogging. Seems my posts would be so ...more

15 Ways To Kill An Online Community

About a year ago I blogged about the top 10 ways to kill engagement. Time has passed, tools have changed and the industry has evolved, so I figured it was time to update this list with fresh, updated tactics. Over the course of a year, nearly every organization has taken the community leap in one form or another -- from Facebook fan pages and LinkedIN groups to, for the bravest, a dedicated online community for their customers, clients or enthusiasts. While the tools have evolved, many of the best practice tenets remain the same....more

Rumors of the death of blogging may be exaggerated

I hope they are, anyway. In addition to being one of my favorite authors, Beth Kephart is one of my favorite bloggers, and I appreciate the way she remains dedicated to blogging. Not long ago, she addressed a Newsweek article on the apparent decline of blogging (quoting Beth quoting the article):...more