TMI FTW: Why I Need to Show You What's Been Ravaging My Body

LOOK. SEE! THIS IS WHY I HURT! THIS IS WHY I COMPLAIN! -- that's really the message I'm sending when I take shots of my IV-laden arms that make me look like a junkie or my kids making me smile in my hospital bed. ...more

...with "loss of control" .. that's exactly what blogging gives me.. the only control I have ...more

Ning to Close All Free Networks--BlogHer Gives You Options

In a shocking move, Ning announced yesterday that it would close all unpaid networks, leaving many online stranded after taking years to build their networks or utilizing Ning communities as their social space. No date has been set yet for the closure of the free networks. Paid networks will not be affected by this move. ...more

You're right--members may pay to continue the group, but I may begin to more seriously seek ...more