My New Year's Resolution - Going Organic

I have an unusual confession to make. Every December 20th, I write a letter to Santa to fill him in on the brightest moments and biggest achievements that marked my year, in hopes I’ll finally find my stocking properly stuffed with presents on Christmas morning (without having to do the stuffing myself, that is). Although my efforts haven’t exactly produced tangible results until now, I have no intention of giving up just yet. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve come up with a trick that might just work this Christmas....more

Buying Organic On A Budget

Purchasing organic food is often perceived as being costly and not manageable for those that try to stay within a certain budget.  It’s a shame that we are forced to dig deeper into our pockets to be able to put chemical and hormone free food on our tables.  When comparing food in the stores, organic options are often 2 to 3 times more expensive than non-organic.  Shortly after I started to transition to buying organic, I was desperately searching for ways to feed my family better food and not go over our budget.  ...more

Muscadines>Blueberries in a "Superfood"-Off

A dear high school friend, now living out in Corona, California recently inquired about the particular variety of grapes I am growing in my Front Yard Garden....more

The Lasagna Garden

Earth. Garden. Organic.Its not really a garden yet. More of a garden bed. Our Lasagna Garden. It's ready for the spring, even if it's only late November here in Southern Ontario....more

20 Convenient Money-Saving Tips for Organic Products

I have such good intentions. Really, I do. I love checking out all the DIY and cooking blogs out there. I “pin” tons of how-to posts whether it’s making an entire house out of wooden pallets, throwing a dinner party just like a celebrity event planner, or baking a 14 layer chocolate peanut butter truffle cake the “simple” way....more

Delicious and Moist Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Refined Sugar-Free Banana Bread Recipe!

As you may know, I am a Professional Pastry Cook. I love tweaking and adapting recipes, and have since I was a kid! I have previously posted this recipe on one of my blogs, and have made it multiple times. It is always a hit! Gluten-Free sweets tend to be a touchy subject in a Professional Kitchen, with requests usually ending in eye rolls and long sighs (We get them a lot from people without actual allergies). That being said, I was on the hunt to find a solid Gluten-Free banana bread recipe 2 years ago, and decided to tweak a recipe I found from Taste Of Home to be a healthier, yet still delicious. Check it out below: ...more

Elaine's Idaho Potato Soup

I grew up on a potato farm in  southern Idaho and worked on the harvesters during the fall. I love the tubers baked, mashed, boiled, fried, in casseroles, and in soups. My Idaho potato soup recipe that has been published in several cookbooks. Add corn bread, a salad, and apple crisp for a festive fall meal. Ignore the carbs. Be happy....more

Organic vs non organic

So I'm sure you've all the hype about buying organic food cause non organic food is loaded with chemicals and pesticides. Once you're at the grocery store you look the fruit you're going to buy then see the organic version right next to it and then see the price difference and gasp! Yes it can be a little alarming how much is being charged for the "good stuff", but the good news is that there is hope for the working mom who can't stomach the organic prices because you don't have to buy everything organic, only a certain few. Here's a link to the "dirty dozen". ...more