Palm Springs: More Then Just Suntanning & Golf

Once a hotspot for the Hollywood elite in the 50s and 60s, Palm Springs is still a popular getaway spot for Southern Californians.  A place to get away from it all by hanging out by the pool with a tropical cocktail or to hit a few on the green, Palm Springs is also an oasis for healthy food. Growing every year and catering to its finicky and discerning guests, this dessert paradise has lots to offer all sorts of diners!...more

Easy, fast, yummy Hot Chocolate

Last night I had a little chocolate breakdown. I had  made a  decision to buy only fair trade chocolate after my Bye Bye Kit Kat post so it really sucked when I broke down last night and in addition to my fair trade Dairy milk bar,  I had a (gasp!) Reece’s Peanut Butter cup…. In my defense my husband bought it....more

Would you shop for baby clothes, if each purchase benefited a children’s charity?

That’s exactly what a New Brand of children’s clothing called Big Heart Baby is offering people.  The company offers unique boutique style baby and toddler clothes, and when you shop on their website, $5.00 of every item goes to a children’s charity of your choice. Available for purchase are adorable onesies, toddler t-shirts, infant hoodies, and select adult and teen apparel.  Everything is 100% cotton.  For every item, you can designate where the proceeds go, and you can choose to benefit the following causes:...more

Greener Birthday Party (Take 1)

Paisley Handmade on Etsy! Like I ‘ve explained before going green for me is a trial and error process. I try something new, make mistakes and learn every day. This weekend my little princess B turned 3. This marked the first birthday party I would have to throw since making the switch to a greener life. Greener Birthday party, take 1:...more

Worth it? Apples to Apples

I’ve decided to do a little Q & A on Inspire Planning. I ‘d love for readers to comment on this post! Please leave the name of an eco-friendly choice in the marketplace and I’ll tell you if it’s WORTH IT or NOT, hopefully every Wednesday. Any thing from bamboo floor to toothpaste!...more

Vegan Las Vegas

A lot more has popped up in the way of vegan fare since my last visit to Sin City! While the places I frequented on past visits still exist, I’ve had to add some new spots to my list. Vegas hasn’t gotten any less wild but I’m so happy that there has been a turn toward some more plant based fare. Some healthier then others, here’s my updated list of veggie goodness in this naughty dessert oasis!...more

Eat Local

  Whenever I can, I choose to shop independent businesses....more

Hi NW! Thanks for sharing your blog. You have some fantastic recipes there.

Yes, I think ...more

Tummy Time

With a newborn in the house, I am now having to think back to all the important developmental milestones. One of the earliest ones is tummy time. Why is it important? The recommended sleep position for babies is on the back. This is relatively new i.e. since the mid-90’s . With this new position there has been a marked reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is the good news....more

And speaking of organic...

My brother is a farmer. Up until 5 months ago, I would have told you that he would never be a farmer.  And suddenly, he is wanting my grandpa's old overalls and works shirts and jackets.  Because my grandpa was a farmer. My brother's girlfriend has a farm.  I don't know  if they are currently, but if they aren't, they would like to become a CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture).  They are dedicated to growing food organically.  This is great!  I'm happy they are doing what they love and are committed to. They li...more

Live it Up This Labor Day!

This is it, the last official holiday weekend of summer. Back-to-school, back to work, winter break is months away.  For some, big vacations are the way to end summer 2010 with a bang but for others, time and finances may make that type of trip impossible.  Regardless, make this last big weekend count so here are a few tips on how you can make the most of summer no matter your schedule or budget! Be a Hometown Tourist...more