What it Will Take to Make an Organic Nation

OrganicNation.tv is an exploration of the American sustainable food landscape, focusing on the people, places and products that are shaping a new green economy and lifestyle. From farmers to urban gardeners, and from teachers to restaurant owners, the power duo composed of Dorothée Royal-Hedinger and Mark Andrew Boyer travel the country to document how sustainable food systems are being created....more

Organic Ice Cream Cake

My family chooses to abstain from sugar in our daily dietary habits. Our bodies have never felt more alive and full of energy. While we feel everyone would benefit from this practice, we in no way believe it should be doctrine or mandated by any religious or philosophical structure. Everyone has a responsibility to maintain their own bodies and keep them nutritionally sound – like regular maintenance on your car or home....more

Calcium and Boron

I am sure that you have  heard the old saying: "You are what your eat". Well,It now appears that a more correct version of that saying should be: "You are what you absorb". In the case of calcium, there is widespread use of inorganic forms of calcium for supplementation, such as oyster shells....more

The Desk.

The Desk. It's been more than a month since my last post. Did you think I left for the weekend—and just didn't return? We all know how crazy December is....more

And I thought that we had a lot of stuff on our kitchen table. We have nothing on your desk! ...more

Sticker Shock: What the Stickers on Fruit are Telling You

If you’re frustrated by those pesky stickers on supermarket produce, this may change your tune. Did you know that those stickers aren’t just for the checkers’ use? The International Federation for Produce Standards uses a four or five digit code to identify certain types of produce. If you know what you’re looking for, you can utilize those stickers to make buying decisions about your family’s fruit and vegetable consumption. Think of them as secret produce decoders! ...more

I had no idea those little stickers could be so helpful. I'm going to start paying more attention!more

Jumping Off the All-Natural Bandwagon, and Why

You see it everywhere nowadays: food, cosmetics, clothing, laundry detergent - all with labels trumpeting the product's "All Natural!" status. The Cult of All Things Natural is huge in these days of growing environmental conscientiousness, and I, for one, am crying Bull Puckey and jumping off the bandwagon. Here's why....more
@Julie Adolf Hey Julie! I love heirlooms like you do and just want to say, "Hi!!" I wonder if ...more

Step up your coffee to organic, fair trade, and fabulous!

I recently had the opportunity to try some delicious organic, fair trade coffee from Larry's Beans....more

My Relationship with Food

(You can also find this entry at my blog, here: http://www.everylittlethingblog.com/2010/10/eat-ate-ute.html )I love food....more

The one that got away.

  Not to make you panic...but do you realize that Thanksgiving is two weeks from today? Holy cow.  ...more

Safer Shampoo (Kids Only!)