Food allergies and your children

Food allergies can change the way we shop, eat and cook.  For instance, my son is severely allergic to eggs, milk and all nut products; this makes coming up with a snack difficult and let’s be honest, annoying....more

Welcome to the "Best of Motherly Law" Week!

As previously mentioned, I have declared this "the best of" week. So, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, you will find posts from previous weeks that have been voted the best of Motherly Law. Thanks to all the loyal readers who participated in the survey last week. I really appreciate you taking the time to take the survey. I also value the feedback you all provided through your answers, and am glad that you are enjoying the posts and getting something out of the Motherly Law....more

Summer Gazpacho Recipe

Just posted an easy recipe for making fresh gazpacho using summer ingredients.  I hope you'll check it out. ************* Cynthia McKenna is a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, and healthy living. ...more

A Little Further Back...More History of Our Diet Over the Years

So, in the history catching up of yesterday, I decided I needed to take you further back in our food history. Healthy eating hasn’t always been on the top of our heads, infact, we, for a long time, wanted to eat healthy, but all our actions showed otherwise....more

Why Wholesome foods...a look back...

Okay, so we are starting this journey to eating a more wholesome diet. Why? you ask. Well it all started in reality just a few weeks ago.... ...I have been on the Master Cleanse ( Having gone through this journey of freeing my body of toxins, I have come to the conclusion that unless I drastically change how and what we eat, I will just stay in the same spot forever. I spent an entire day researching organic recipes and how to can and other similar topics....more

No Pink Tomatoes

Last Saturday was a typically sultry June day in Austin, Texas, but I was willing to bear the heat and humidity while taking in the late spring abundance at our farmers’ market. This is a busy time of year for our markets because although the strawberries are long gone, the peaches and blackberries have arrived and those most popular of all locally grown gems, tomatoes, are vine-ripened and ready for purchase.  One vendor after the next had piles of juicy, deep red, fragrant, and beautiful tomatoes....more

How to Separate "Green" from "Greenwashing" When You Shop

In their eagerness to cash in on consumer demand for eco-friendly products and services, many companies are calling their goods "green" despite their decidedly un-environmental qualities. When you shop, these 5 steps can help you distinguish what's green from what's being greenwashed. ...more

Asthma, Allergies and the change in seasons

After receiving so much great feedback from my last blog on asthma and allergies, I thought I would write some more about the topic.  I’m learning more and more about asthma and allergies as my son grows.  It seems th...more