The Cult of Organics: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

At a playdate with a group of mothers, I once horrified an impossibly hip, young mom by telling her I refused to eat organic food because it was too expensive and that I felt I wouldn't be buying a better product. The look of shock on her face made me wonder if I had suddenly experienced a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction. After glancing down to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone (and to check that Justin Timberlake wasn't lurking behind a bush), I tried to calmly explain my position on organic versus conventionally grown food. ...more
BRAV-O!!! This just showed up as a related article to something I just posted and I could not ...more

Do You Eat Organic Just to Be 'Cool'?

I don't have a lot of brand preferences when it comes to food.  It's important to me to keep our kitchen as organic and GMO-free as I can, working within the budget I have, so my considerations are generally to shop for the "cleanest" food I can find at the lowest price. ...more
I agree with what Susan K. Sterikoff said, plus I worry about the effect of pesticides on bees ...more

It Begins Again

I’ve dipped my virtual pen into the world of blogging twice before, but both blogs fizzled out due to lack of passion on my part. While I love reading Catholic mom blogs, it’s not what I am meant to write about.  Instead I will continue to enjoy reading these blogs, but focus on other passions of mine that I feel have been fueled by my journey through motherhood....more

How to grow Dragonfruit

Dragon fruit is a very exotic fruit it is originally from Central America and now is  grown in various  regions such as Asia, Israel and Nicaragua.  Dragon fruit is high in vitamin C, Vitamin B, B1 , B2 and B3.  It has been used as a holistic remedy for improving the appetite, reducing bad cholesterol, and respiratory ailments. The  Dragon fruit is a beautiful fruit that ranges in colors pink, white, red and purple. ...more

10 Beautiful & Natural Toys for Children

 Okay, I'll admit it:  I'm a 30-year-old grown woman and I absolutely love toys....more
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