Organic Finds at Costco

If you've been following this blog it should come as no surprise that I love to buy organic whenever possible. With that said, I still like to find the best deals because organic is so ridiculously expensive! The other day I did a little grocery shopping at Costco and had pretty good luck finding a lot of organic items in bulk. I missed a lot of things that were on my list but that was because Odette with me! Nowadays, grocery shopping has become more about whatever can be thrown in the cart in the fastest amount of time....more

Veggie Pepper Jack Omelet

 Pickey Teenager Tested and Approved!Organic:ZucchiniYellow SquashGreen Bell PepperTomatoesParsleyPurple OnionPepper Jack CheeseAvacodo SlicesSimple Truths: Eggs and Coconut Milk ( yes coconut milk) Creamy eggs and tasty. You would never know. "Don't hate till you taste" :)))Kosher salt and coarse pepper to taste!Hope you like it!...more

My Organic Green Goodness Soup

 This is one of my family's favorite soups to eat anytime of the year. It is full of all the "Green Goodness" that Mother Earth can produce.Leeks, Kale, Celery, Zucchini, Green Bell Pepper, Parsley, Cilantro, Broccoli.Hope you and your family will love it too!...more

Homemade Dry shampoo for those days you don't want to wash your hair!

 Do you ever feel like you have those days where you don't want to wash your hair, but you have a little too much oil at the scalp? Or maybe, you have really fine hair and just need a little more volume?Enter dry shampoo.A dry shampoo is typically a powder, or sometimes a spray, that will basically absorb some of the oil and act like a temporary "shampoo" for your hair. The problem is that some leaves residue in your hair, all of them have chemicals, and for a good one they aren't exactly cheap.Enter your kitchen products....more
I love homemade shampoos.more

Spring Strawberry Chicken Salad

                                 SPRING STRAWBERRY AND CHICKEN SALAD ...more

My Soup Addiction!

 My newest soup creation:Spicy Chunky Organic Chicken Soup:...more

My Favorite Smoothie!

      I love starting my day off with something refreshing, healthy and of course Organic!      I drink this in the morning to set my day off right!                                                        SWEET KALE SMOOTHIE!   In a blender add;1 Handful of fresh Organic Kale leafs...more

Organic Frozen Yogurt 3 Ways

Bikini season is just around the corner! If you're like me giving up sweets is out of the question. Never going to happen! I've tried this and end up eating every sweet in sight! Lately my go to dessert after dinner has been frozen yogurt. I think you're going to love these 3 varieties because they are dairy free, organic, have only natural sugars and most importantly they are delicious!...more