Organic Water? What Is Wrong With You People?


Green Dream Try It Tuesday...

Green Dream Try It Tuesday... I'm trying a new protein, superfood powder to add to my morning smoothies and I'm really digging it. ...more

3 Corns with a Japanese Accent, #SundaySupper

Giggling children skip and jump through garden sprinklers.  Steaks sizzle on barbecues. Star-spangled fireworks decorate velvet skies.  It’s summertime in the USA; the season of summer parties and Independence Day festivities…Read more at ...more

Is your garden drowning in doodlebugs? I think I've won the bugger war (no apologies to OSC; he doesn't deserve it).

      You can call them pillbugs, or roly-poly's, or woodlice, or sow bugs (there's another kind that looks just like a doodlebug, but the bugs I'm talking about are the roll into a little ball kind). I've always felt quite friendly towards these little guys. You gently pat one, it rolls into a ball, it's non-stop good times for poor kids (at least it was for me). ...more

Greener Than Thou

My interest in eating organic-whole foods, finding natural ways to cure common ailments, and using less chemicals when cleaning has  increased over the past few years as I've discovered a passion for homesteading and doing things the "old-fashioned" way. ...more

The GMO low-down: a guest post from Tori Leitch

  Confession time: I find it very difficult to purchase organic products. Yeeeah, I know they’re healthier and yeeeah, I know they’re better for the environment, but really—$3.00 for an organic apple or $1.50 for three regular ones? Most days, my wallet still wins that battle....more

10 Tips to Simpleness

I have lived the simple life and loved it. I felt great, I looked great, and I was completely happy. In the past year I have really lost my way. I became depressed, gained weight, and just wasn't really living. Now I am on a journey to get back to the simpleness and beauty that I know life can be. Here are my tips to minimize the excess and maximise your life....more

What is Organic Produce?

Saving Energy & Eating Better

Elisa Woodwww.RealEnergyWriters.comThe US consumer wants food to be fresh, local and organic. But that means larger grocery bills in an economy where most people need them to be smaller....more