10 Tips to Simpleness

I have lived the simple life and loved it. I felt great, I looked great, and I was completely happy. In the past year I have really lost my way. I became depressed, gained weight, and just wasn't really living. Now I am on a journey to get back to the simpleness and beauty that I know life can be. Here are my tips to minimize the excess and maximise your life....more

Saving Energy & Eating Better

Elisa Woodwww.RealEnergyWriters.comThe US consumer wants food to be fresh, local and organic. But that means larger grocery bills in an economy where most people need them to be smaller....more

Make Your Own Butter

Making your own butter tastes great, and is fun to make.  Making your own butter does not take long, it is healthier, and fairly quick to make. A few months ago I was making pumpkin pie. I wanted to have home made whipped cream for the pie....more

Cat Nip!

So I thought it would be fun to do a post about Cat Nip. People like watching cats react to cat nip. I love watching cats react to cat nip, but why do they react to cat nip the way they do? Did  you know that not all cats react to cat nip? It is true, I have had several of cats that would simply turn their nose to it. A little disappointing, but to each their own....more

Green Your Beauty Routine: Makeup Must Haves

A decade ago, the options for eco-chic beauty were small. Products seemed to fall into two categories: the crunchy-granola no fuss basics and the uber-expensive handcrafted in a monastery in the Alps exclusives. I wanted pretty things minus harsh chemicals at a reasonable price. The search began....more

Growers Trust Product review P1

Growers Trust Product review Part 1....more

Growers Trust Review Coming Soon

Good news everyone. Hello everyone, I was contacted today by Growers Trust. They have asked me to do a guest post for them. I will be reviewing two of their products. Both products deal with situations that I have talked about before. The first product of theirs is Powdery Mildew Killer. I have watched the video, and I am very excited....more