Whole Foods in the hood

I am so happy to tell you that a new Whole Foods Market has opened in my neighbourhood (Unionville)! For those of you whom are not familiar with Whole Foods, it is a grocery store that "sells the highest quality natural and organic products available.As I entered through the front doors of the supermarket, I took a moment to admire the cute, hunter green, vintage truck parked right in front of the entrance. This little truck was...more

Being GREEN is Exhausting!

Checking labels, researching ingredients, looking for symbols... Finding out what's in our food can be down right time consuming. After the election and denial of Prop 37 in California, I'm thinking more and more about the concerns of safe food....more

What Does The Word "Natural" Mean When It Comes To Food?

Have you heard about California’s Proposition 37 which would require the labeling of all genetically modified foods? What do you think about it? It’s at tricky one right?I’m not in California and manyof you aren’t either. I therefore don’t want to go down the road of debating the actual proposition. What I would like to do is talk about one part of it and find out what you think....more

Mindful Nutrition: Busy Parents/Healthy Kids – To Soy or Not To Soy? by Ana Goldseker

Soy is in many foods and products, especially things geared towards kids. The question is, “Is it safe to eat?” Here are some helpful facts and ideas so that you can make an educated decision for you and your family...more

ORGANIC isn't healthier?

Recently, some news has been circulating about the validity of organic food not being more healthy than "other" food. The Elephant in the room EXPOSED. Let's consider this statement from a few different vantage points. Quickly! 1. US regulations state that products can be sold until proven unsafe. No accountability for safety....more

Sweet Leaf Tea Review & Sweepstakes

Who loves Sweet Leaf Tea? I do! I do! Sweet Leaf Tea (www.sweetleaftea.com) is a company that offers tasty organic iced tea beverages. The unique flavors is what gives Sweet Leaf its title as the BEST iced tea out! In the past, I’ve seen the brand in my local grocery store but was always afraid to try it since I didn’t know of anyone that drinks it....more

Best For Baby: Earth Friendly Baby

I would like to share Earth Friendly Baby with you today.I didn’t want to use anything on Amelia that would be harmful to her in anyway and when I was asked to review some products for Earth Friendly Baby I jumped at the opportunity....more

Organic Tryouts: Honest Healing Balm

When you hear the word "balm" it should trigger other words in your head like one-for-all, multi-tasking awesomeness, and untouchable.  Have you found a balm that does that?  I've found great alternatives to even my favorite petrolatum products (like Aquaphor- seems there's nothing it can't do), including Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment which I discussed here.  Usually a balm comes in a small tube or tin for easy t...more


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