'Organic' Is a Dirty Word

A few months back, I was talking with Kirk about -- what else? -- organic farming. “They need a new word for it,” he said. “A new word? What? Why?” “'Organic’ is just...I don’t know...not good. They need a new word.” I was incredulous. Good lord, what could possibly be wrong with organic? I can’t think of anything more harmless or healthy. But once I put my self-righteous indignation aside, I gained valuable insight....more
HA!  I was just going to post the same thing.  I'm in the southeast and around here ...more

Mutton Chick Peas Curry spiced by Down To Earth Organic

An event for the members of Fooderati Arabia at Down To Earth Organic, Dubai revealing much more than just some organic products. And a very tasty Mutton Chick Peas Curry much later on spiced by Down To Earth Organic spices!...more

Can low-income families afford to eat healthy?

When discussing social and environmental justice issues, I hear many comments and questions. One keeps repeating itself..."How can lower income families afford to eat healthy?" I understand the argument and have participated in this dialogue. The inner-cities do not have the same access to grocery stores. Their choice is primarily corner stores that do not offer fresh fruit and vegetables. Rather, the least expensive things to buy include Cheetos among other non-nutritional food items. Or, there is always a McDonalds nearby....more

TomAto, TomatOH! Presents Applesauce: Outlawed or Allowed

Recently one of our Mamas was told applesauce was no longer an acceptable snack for kids to bring to school.  Upon hearing this I had to scratch my head and re-think all the times I thought I was “winning” when I got my daughter to eat applesauce with her meal and felt better that my picky eater was getting more than just Goldfish Crackers and a slice of American cheese that day....more

Organic Food Verses Green Revolution

The scientific community has yet to come to consensus regarding the debate over organic verses inorganically produced food (dubbed the “Green Revolution” when the industrialization of agriculture began in the 1940s). http://www.viviledish.com/mamaledish/?p=433...more

This little Pig

Learn where your food comes from!These little pigs are out in the fields all day, these little pigs only eat grass and grains, this little pig can come home with me!Imagine a pork farm with no smell, where pigs have room to move and are fed with grass and grains.  It is hard to go back to anything else once the discovery is made....more

Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry

Recently, Tim has been in charge of making lunch. He is not a simple sandwich guy and since that is what I make for lunch, he has taken over the midday menu. This is what he made from some leftover pork roast. It was delicious!Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry (with green beans)...more

Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

A recent Dartmouth study revealed certain products containing organic brown rice syrup as a major ingredient contained high levels of cancer causing inorganic arsenic. The products tested were toddler formula, cereal bars, and high performance energy products....more
And it's BACK..... The Arsenic in Rice (now in White & Brown rice).  Soon we won't be able to ...more

If you can't pronounce the ingredient why would you want to eat it?????

I have been making small changes over the last year, no more diet soda (although I did have one last weekend at the movies) I am making an effort to purchase locally grown organic produce, dairy products, eggs, beef, chicken and pork. My goal is to prepare our meals with local organic products, it is an on going project and I am making small changes every time I shop. In the spring I will pull out my pots and plant a container garden, I can’t wait for home grown tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs. ...more
@HomeRearedChef Hello Virginia! It's your Raw Milk Fairy Godmother here....I am watching you and ...more

Make Your Own Homemade Greek Yogurt

Since this is the Happy Simple Living blog's most popular posting yet, I thought you might like the recipe and directions for making your own thick, creamy Greek Yogurt. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!...more