Routines are for more than just bedtimes

The bedtime routine is a battleground. There is the reluctance to get it started, the whining during each step and a six-year-old's attempted negotiations that have to get shut down. After years of this, we are getting somewhat closer to the stage of acceptance and I know that one day, I can send him off to do his nightly routine and he will do it without question and I may cry a little on that night....more

Future Home Notebook

We finally have some fall/wintery weather happening here in Maryland.  Meaning it was 70 degrees around noon yesterday and it was sleeting a bit by 5pm and 35 degrees and is only going to be in the upper 40's to around 50 all week.  I am RIDICULOUSLY excited.  We know I'm happily introverted anyway, but to have more reason to get cozy on the couch while the wind is howling outside (which it's supposed to be doing for the next couple of days) makes me happier.  ...more

On Organizing a Kitchen

About every six months I take leave of my senses and decide to reorganize my kitchen. I pull everything out of every cupboard so I can see the space it takes up. I play music, open a beer, and get excited about finding a smarter way to store all the things. And 9 hours later none of the things have found a home, and I am crying and drunk in another room because I just can’t face hefting the heavy food processor with its 700 parts into every single cabinet one by one only to find it won’t fit. AGAIN. Blame the beer. Blame my OCD....more

I Organized My Desk Drawers

I’m of the “life-changing magic of tidying up” religion ( ) and fully believe “clutter in your house is clutter in your life.” I like minimalism; I want to know where everything is at a glance. Mess and disorganization disturb me and disrupt my brain. ...more

How I Stay Organized

Being organized is one of the things I pride myself on being.Probably because, for me, being organized involves lists.Lots of them.And you know how I much I love a list....more

Erin Condren Hourly Planner: How A School Counselor Uses It

I am still home and still resting, but I do have to go back to work on Tuesday.  Luckily, I don't have to be there all day, everyday, but I do still need to make sure I'm ready to go back.So, I've been getting myself organized and prepared because our summer program begins the day I return and I also have to arrange the moving of my office; so there's going to be a lot going on....more
This is terrific! Thanks for sharing your spread.  Denise SheKnows Community Directormore

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks!

It sunny outside and the windows are open letting the stale winter air out. It finally warm enough here in Michigan to start my spring cleaning! Spring Cleaning strikes fear in the heart of many, myself included, but these tips will help make your yearly deep clean a little easier....more

10 Things I Do To Stay Efficient As a Working Mom

I recently joined the ranks of the employed. Again. It'll be my second time balancing this whole kids, job, life thing. Maybe balancing is an ambitious word. Surviving. It'll be my second attempt at surviving this whole kids, job, life thing. It's exactly as I recalled it. Whole lotta less time for the life part....more

What's the deal with feng shui and clutter?

Ask any feng shui practitioner and they'll tell you the first step to having good feng shui in your home is to get rid of clutter.Why?...more

Project 50: Clothes Closet Clean Out

Project 50: Clothes Closet Clean OutNot all my Project 50 activities are adventurous out of the box epic journeys. This time I just dove into the darkness of two very messy closets. Time for a clothes closet clean out.This has been a long time coming. I have two  clothes closets.  I have a closet in my office room (former bedroom area) and I have the double rack in the guest bedroom. ...more
I need to do this. I just haven't had the courage to do it. I'm worried that if I make space, I ...more