From the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center/Divinely Organized We are in the home stretch…four days left of our 21 day challenge....more

Can You Get Rid of 40 Bags of Stuff in 40 Days?

Hello! I’m so happy to announce an exciting new project that some bloggy buddies and I have agreed to participate in! If you hadn’t guessed, it’s called 40 Bags in 40 Days and is exactly what it sounds like. ...more

Organizing a Small Pantry | Her Organized Chaos

Disclaimer: Contains affiliate links. So let's first say that when I share my pantry's "before" picture, it makes me nervous. If I hadn't put myself out there before... This just tops it. I am one of those people that can get EASILY overwhelmed. My mind runs 100 mph constantly and I am always starting and not finishing projects because I think of something else so totally awesome to do. ...more

This year I will get organized

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm so excited to jump into 2015, as I always feel so recharged at the start of the year. Maybe the two weeks of holiday vacation have something to do with that but I can neither confirm or deny that....more

Things to Do on Sunday to Have a Better Week

 Today on the blog I'm sharing some tips for having a better week. I'm sharing some organization and relaxation tips for Sundays in order to have a better week!Check out the tips here...more

Easy Ways to Start the New Year Off Right

Being Productive & Managing Time in 2015

I wanted to take a moment and share some tips with you today. Tips about managing time and helping yourself be a little more productive in 2015. I have to be honest, these tips are just as much a reminder to me as they are to help you! ...more


I have been using Emily Ley's Simplified Planner for several years, and I have seen it evolve over that time. However, this past year I decided to try out the Day Designer by Whitney English. I thought I would write a bit about the two, and what I ultimately decided to do for this year....more
Great post and I am so very very jealous of your desk. Mine is always destroyed, I have a ...more

Change Me

I am the habitual forgetter. You have all known me at some point in your lives. The blur whizzing past you at the train station, or the woman at the cash register rifling through a junky purse apologizing for forgetting where she put her credit card in her wallet. Yep. She is me. Tadah!...more

3 Tricks to Do With Your Kids' Never-Ending Artwork

I love MY KIDS and I think their artwork is GREAT, but what to do with all that paper? I have found three solutions that I have been using for a while to display and store their work....more
Thanks Susan!  I actually had the horror of one of my children finding one of their "treasures" ...more