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Organization: Time To Do Something About All These Art Supplies

I have always been crafty, so over the years, I've built up quite the collection of art supplies. I've never really had a system for keeping everything organized, until now. I had a few big plastic bins, but somehow everything ended up jumbled together in one big mess....more
Great storage solutions! Isn't it funny how the supplies multiply!   I thought I would share my ...more

Recipe Binder

Do you ever feel like you are making the same meals over and over again? I was in this funk. We have our family favorites, our quick meals, and our "oops I forgot to thaw the meat" meals. I have been reading some of my favorite blogs for meals, searching online and looking on Pinterest. I have found some great meals and have been trying several out, but my recipe binder was in desperate need of a make-over. Plus all the new recipes I was printing out were being thrown into the cabinet....more

Thirty Days to a Clutter free Home Day 29: A new use for bread ties.

Thirty Days to a Clutter free Home Day 29:  A new use for bread ties. ...more

Necessity Is the Mother Of Invention Means Moms Are Ingenious!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and as a mom, I have to totally agree.  From talking with other moms, I’ve come to the conclusion that when any of us are facing a difficult or unpredictable situation, the mind goes into overdrive and inventive and ingenious solutions are born.  Heck, some moms have even made profitable businesses out of their ideas/solutions.  Just walk down the aisle of any baby store or search the internet and you’re sure to find a creative solution for whatever your situation or need....more

Thirty Days to a Clutter Free Home Day 18: Footwear Favorites

Thirty Days to a Clutter Free Home                ...more

Thirty Days to a Clutter free Home Day 14 : Magazine Madness

Day 14 Magazine Madness Ends Today ...more

Love Technology - It is an Organizational Marvel

Years ago I kept a day planner. One of those fancy loose-leaf books with a calendar, to do list, planning sheets and a section for contacts. I liked my day planner. Each morning I would review my calendar and to do list to see what was going on that day. Each afternoon I would carefully move items from one day to another according to the day's events. At the end of each year, I travelled to the planning store and looked at the planning and calendar pages and carefully chose the appropriate new set of paper pages for the new year....more


I've always been a proponent of accomplishment lists instead of to-do lists.  I believe in writing down what you've achieved that day.  That being said, college has challenged that philosophy.Okay, it hasn't just challenged's thrown it completely out the window.  I cannot survive right now without a to-do list.    I'm talking a comprehensive, Alzheimer avoiding, minute by minute, to-do list.  As detailed as check e-mail, water plants, and eat!...more