DIY: Building bookshelves from pipes and boards

Who knew regular old black pipes could transform a boring wall into an industrial-style library?! I suppose the answer to that is Restoration Hardware. I was inspired by photos in the company’s catalog, shocked at the prices, and jubilant when my husband agreed a do-it-yourself project was indeed, very doable. ...more

Cleaning Zones: 30 Minutes to a Better Cleaning Plan

Have you tried a chore a day, only to end up at the last minute cleaning everything at once? We've been there. And it wasn't until the term "Cleaning Zones" entered our vocabulary, that cleaning took a turn for the better :)....more

The Big Book of Everything - and how to use it

I've been known to be a paper lover ever since I was born. That I've turned into a real notebook addict didn't came as a surprise for anyone. My love for all things that fall into the category office supplies is a genetic thingie, put there by my father who still has a thing for fountain pens and good paper to write on....more
Denise Thank you Denise. The main problem indeed is sticking with something, and I think this ...more

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Dealing With Outgrown Kids' Clothes

 So you have 28 storage totes of outgrown kid clothes in your garage, organized by gender, size, and possibly also by season. (Or maybe you just chucked it into the totes to organize “later.”) It’s time to make some decisions....more

I Am Drowning in Lists

My son and I are at the grocery store and a family passes us. The family has this conversation:"What do we need again?""I don't know —I think cheese.""Don't we have cheese?""It might not be the right kind."My son hears all this and says to me, "Those people are not list people, Mommy."I am a bit proud. And somewhat terrified. ...more
I make a list for grocery store and a menu for the week. If it's not on the list I won't ...more

Counters: Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

Kitchen counters are, by nature, hideous. They house small appliances, crumbs, kitchen utensils & tools, random food items, kitschy decor, and much more. How exactly does one tame them?Very carefully.Use a cake stand to hold miscellaneous counter items....more

Drawers - Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

On this week’s installment of my kitchen revamp and organization, I’m talking about cleaning up your kitchen drawers. Luckily, we don’t have many drawers so this is one of the easier steps of the kitchen makeover....more

The Queen of ProcrastiNation

So there are these brown cardboard boxes currently sitting on the floor of my home office. Two of them, actually, that have been taking up space for as long as we've been living in this house and have been progressively getting more and more full to the point where they are now overflowing. Two boxes that make the room look and feel cluttered, that I trip over when I go to the filing cabinet, that are filled with stuff that needs to be dealt with already. ...more

Cupboards - Kitchen revamp & organization 2014

Back again with the second installment of our kitchen revamp & organization series! Today, we’re tackling cupboards.In terms of cupboards, here are several helpful rules:...more

Pantry & food storage - Kitchen Revamp & Organization 2014

Keep reading for more on how to organize your pantry, links to cool items to boost your pantry efficiency, and a look at my pantry!...more