Cassette Tape Storage

I needed to get a drawer full of USB cables organized, so I headed to my local thrift store and got a whole bunch of casette tapes for .50 a piece.Then my daughter thought they were actually movies and stole them all....more

What is a lazy perfectionist?

When I was in high school, I started noticing signs of perfectionism creep into my life. Whenever I would have a project due in any of my classes, I would obsess over it until the wee hours of the morning until it was almost perfect. The problem was, I never quite reached perfection because I would be too tired or too lazy and would just say "good enough." ...more

Lent: A Reverse Strategy

Lent - a reflective time that can teach lessons across any and all spiritualities. For Christians, such as myself, who observe it, the meaning of Lent is the traditional one: to make a meaningful sacrifice that allows us to recall and honor Christ's own sacrifice. For other Christians and non-Christians, it can be a confusing time when some folks just give up things they really like. But these next 40 days can be a perfect time to cast off things that needs to be shed...or even the opposite. ...more
I really like your new Lenten practice. It sounds like a great way to get out from under a lot ...more

Your Parenting Tip of the Day: Bookmark folders for each kid

Parenting Tip: Create a folder of Bookmarks for each childMy kids love playing on the computer. I'm on the computer a lot during the day while they're in school and I often come across a site or activity that I think they would enjoy. ...more

Organized Home: Meal Planning Notebook

A meal planning notebook is, at least in my life, essential to being organized when I'm putting together meal plans.  Rather than fumbling through my eleventy billion cookbooks and bookmarked online recipes, I can have a central place where I have an index of every meal my family loves, as well as the source for that recipe.  It also makes meal planning a relatively quick chore.  Instead of spending hours in front of the computer or with the stack of cookbooks, I can run through the index and quickly choose meals for this weeks' plan. ...more

Schoolwork Storage Solution!

If you're like me and you have a child that brings home endless amounts of papers each day from school, then you might also be like me in that you have random piles of it all over (neatly stacked, at least!) I can't believe the amount of worksheets, drawings, etc that come home with him.I read a very cute blog everyday called IHeart Organizing - some of you I'm sure have heard of it. Anyway, the blogger, Jen, is excellent at organizing and always finds cute, stylish ways to do it....more
Now that is a fantastic idea! I might have to do this will all of my kids paper clutter that I ...more

Sew a Chalk Cloth Calendar - The Crafty Girl's Way to Get Organized

Lately I’ve been in great need of a bit of organization in my life....more
This is so cute! Such a good idea... thank you!more

Lego Storage

Tanner has been long overdue for a good Lego storage solution. The kid has been obsessed with them for the last two years and they are always a big unorganized mess - usually scattered all over the floor. A few weeks ago, I searched "Lego Storage" on Google and was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn't the only one who had an issue with Legos scattered all over the floor. I found some great pictures and great ideas....more
Love it! Now that is how your organize Lego!more

Reorganizing the Kitchen

So last year at this time we had started kitchen renovations.  Actually it started right after I came home from my spinal fusion, and I was in a morphine induced fugue state so I don't remember much about it, except it wasn't completely finished until late May.  ...more
@victorias_view oh wow, that sucks. our stove top is far enough away to be out of that danger. ...more

Getting Organized: Project Mudroom

Warning: Dull home organizational post ahead, written to satisfy my NaBloPoMo commitment and likely of interest to no one but myself. Consider yourself warned! ...more