I Don't Wear the Mrs. Roper Look Very Well...

  My daughter, Stella, and I went shopping last weekend for clothes and this time to my dismay, we were actually shopping for me. I never go shopping for myself anymore. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to despise it and usually leave the mall vowing that my new best friend will be a medicine ball and that I'll neve as much lick another crumb of food as long as I live. ...more

Thanks for the Mammaries: Thoughts on the Mammogram

Going for the annual mammogram today....more

T-shirts, Fanny Packs, and Visors, Oh My!

Boy, have I gotten off-track quite a bit lately with my blog posts.  I’ve veered down the road with thoughts on everything from infidelity to jogging to Simon Cowell.  (Not sure if all those are related, but I’ll ponder that and get back to you.) For the sake of returning to the true theme of my blog  – being over 40 but remaining “24” in every way we can – let’s turn our attention to fashion.  Let me begin by saying that I write, unfortunately, from some experience in what not to do in this regard.  I have certainly committed ...more

Amen, sister!


From Hair to Eternity

My blog, "24 In My Mind", often provides beauty tips for the over-40 woman -things we can do (or not do) to look younger. It’s true, looks aren’t everything. You do need to be beautiful on the inside, too. But, there is a body-mind connection - how you look impacts how you feel - and having 'good hair' is one of the best ways to boost that youthful feeling. Here are some of my tips for 'young' hair: 1. Never let anyone over 30 cut your hair. Ok, now, before I get really nasty emails from hairstylists over 30, let me re-phrase......more

No Young Hair Here

My blog (24 In My Mind)  is about how the over-40 woman can still remain 'youthful' looking, and one of the things I talk alot about is getting the right haircut, a 'young' (with limits, of course) hairstyle.  I offer some rules for signs that a hair salon is NOT one where you will get a 'young' hairstyle. Here are those signs: 1. The name of the salon has the word “Beauty” in it.  Bad sign.  (One-word name salons are typically your best bet, followed by salons named for a guy.)   2....more

Fashion Rule for the (All) Ages

Fashion Rule for all ages: Just because it comes in your size doesn't mean you have to wear it. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more

Out of Forehead Experience: The Dark Side of Botox

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve had Botox - once.  I had it done to the lines on my forehead.  The shots were basically painless, which is a good thing (but, we’re women, pain is irrelevant) And, the Botox did work in pretty much eliminating the lines.  Temporarily, of course.  The results lasted maybe 6 weeks.  But, here’s the kicker: I could not raise my eyebrows, at all, period.  It was like my forehead no longer belonged to me.  It wasn’t really numb to the touch, but I had absolutely no muscle control of the area.  It freaked me out!...more

Fashion Tip for the Over-40 Crowd

Fashion Rule: If you were around to wear it the first time it was in, you have no business wearing it now. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more
lol this is great advice for those over 40 and single.  Do you think it applies to places to ...more

I Otta (Not) Be in Pictures

I needed a photo of myself yesterday for some work I’m doing, something to go along with my bio. Just one of those head & shoulders shots....more