Writing for Sanity

One of the overwhelming goals of my 365 autobiographical-essay-a-day project was "writing as therapy." I theorized that getting “it" all out of my head (while learning what "it" was) would ease my anxiety and panic disorder. ...more

Curing Panic One Page at a Time

I had my first diagnosed panic attack on the NYC subway, on my way to work, when I was 21 years old. For the next two decades, I analyzed various triggers and tried to decipher the puzzle, of which panic attacks are just one piece. ...more

I Just Learned How to Breathe

I just learned how to breathe. Isn't that ridiculous? Fellow members should be newborns only, but alas there are many of us who apparently don't know this primal how-to. Learning to breathe has been on my long list of things to do, right between "order cat food" and "finish that pregnancy novel." (My daughter is 5 years old.) I've been told it will "CHANGE MY LIFE," Meanwhile, I've somehow managed for 4 decades on the meager breaths I've inhaled. ...more

I Get Panic Attacks

There’s an entire to-do list brainstorm session before I even open my eyes — and suddenly I think, “Do I feel nauseous?” I’m feeling something rising up through my core - and it’s making me feel uncomfortable, but am I actually nauseous? Were you meaning to kick my ass so soon into the year? I’ve got 355 stories left to write and here you are, waking me up, ten minutes before the alarm goes off, to send these thoughts through my head.  ...more

Things Will Never Be the Same Again

 As most of you know by now, I have both anxiety disorder and panic disorder (and depression, and an endocrine disorder, and asthma… the last one is just my body’s way of diversifying its illness portfolio). If you read what I posted yesterday about when I was first diagnosed with panic disorder, then you know that it was what we in the business call, “a difficult time”....more
Iamlovepersonified82 JoAnneApple LoveYourHeartBlog Thank you for sharing your personal struggles ...more

This Is What A Panic Attack Feels Like

I’ve realised lately that although I’ve been having them for at least two years now a lot of people still don’t really understand what it is that I mean when I say that I’ve had a panic attack. And since having panic attacks is a considerable proportion of what I’ve been doing lately I thought that I’d explain it here.I’m not sure that everyone will experience panic attacks in this way. I have a friend who experiences panic attacks about as often as I do, but speaking to her about it her’s sound like they feel completely different to mine. But anyway…...more

My First Panic Attack

  I was 21. My first day of class was the next day, and I had put off buying my books until the busiest day of the bookstore’s year. I was in the middle of the line of about one hundred other students when I started to feel sick. It started with nausea and sweaty palms that progressively got worse the closer I made it to the cashier....more

Handling Anxiety Effectively

We are all in a time of high stress, and national disasters often bring up fear. If these fears are not dealt with, they can lead to “acting out” behavior, such as drinking too much or creating relationship, work or money problems as a distraction. To avoid these kinds of problems, follow these simple steps for resolving your fear and anxiety.1. Learn to recognize the signs of your own anxiety. If you can't sleep, you worry a lot, you “ruminate” or obsess about negative possibilities, or you're unusually irritable or needy, you are probably anxious....more

The Under Toad - Panic and Anxiety Attacks

In John Irving’s masterpiece “The World According to Garp,” Garp’s youngest child Walt misunderstands when his father warns him to “look out for the undertow,” hearing his words as “look out for the under toad.” The under toad became, for the child in the book, the representation of everything scary and overwhelming and out of his control....more
 @isthisthemiddle @JourneyofLife it's so important that people understand how debilitating panic ...more

Amanda Seyfried's Panic Attacks: 20 Things You Need to Know

Although she’s only 25, actress Amanda Seyfried has already had a pretty impressive career.Starting as a child model at the age of 11, she moved on to recurring roles on As the World Turns and All My Children by the age of 15....more