Minimize Toy Clutter with Clean Up Time

When my baby started sitting up and playing on the floor, every day ended with toys and books strewn across the living room. Cleaning it up after putting her to bed was one of the long list of chores to do before my husband and I could turn in. After reading the children's book Clean Up Time, a hand me down from my sister, I remembered that her daughter had started helping with cleanup not long after she started walking. I decided to try something new....more

Parenting: It Was Supposed To Get Easier

When I had my first child 7 years ago, I distinctly remember everyone saying to me "It's going to get easier." I must've had that frazzled sleep-deprived look about me back then that would warrant almost everyone from the Target checker to my own family saying that to me. Those times WERE rough, I'm not going to lie. I remember days without showering. Nights without sleep. Days with endless crying. I smelled like spit up almost all of the time. Yes, those days and nights were rough. I honestly looked forward to the time that it was supposed to get easier like everyone said....more

Middle School: A Method to the Madness

We're knee deep in back to school over here and shit is getting real. This elaborate game of scheduling Jenga is beginning to tip over into insanity and absolutely no one is winning. Nobody. I knew this would be tough, but this year feels brutal. We're both working full-time, and I'm dropping so many balls that I feel like I'm standing in the ball pit at Chuck e Cheese. Ever stand in a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese? Shudder. Parent's worst nightmare....more

Summer break fades as fast as childhood

Summer is fading fast. The temperatures are cooler, the days are shorter and school is back in session. I miss it already. I feel like I'm getting ready to hibernate for the winter--storing up food, getting out the mittens and preparing to stay in my toasty warm house during the cold, cold days. But this summer---it was a good one. It's just that it symbolizes how quickly childhood fades as well.My soul goal this summer was to spend time outside and with the kids. Based on their tans alone, I'd say I was successful in at least one of those tasks....more

5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Study Space

With back to school season in full swing, our thoughts shift from summer fun to the study grind. Make the transition a little more palatable by creating a sunny, engaging space in your home dedicated to learning. Make It Inviting and Comfortable...more

Home is Where You Throw Your Dirty Laundry on the Floor

The boxes are (mostly) unpacked, the pictures are hung, and my husband’s dirty clothes are discarded all over the floor.  We are home.It has not been an easy past two weeks....more

A Single Moms Story!

There once was a single mom, who felt as though she needed other single moms in her life to connect with. Which, better way to connect and share the single motherhood lifestyle with tons of others, than of course, the good old internet!This place of connection, welcoming single mothers from all walks of life takes place on a website, for single moms only. In this place, ever day life issues and happenings are shared, single moms hang out, release, and have some fun. But, there is one thing here that is the most important....more

4 Ways for a Busy Parent to Find Time to Write

  Motherhood is the best thing in the world. At least I think so. I love everything about my children from their tiny faces, butts, to even their messy diapers (It means they’re eating well!). But having kids can make it hard to find time to even shower, let alone write. Yet, today I was able to put words to a page and play with my kids! Here are a few ways I manage to find time to write. ...more

Why is My Child Misbehaving? Looking at Back to School Stress, Perfectionism and All Those Worries Our Kids Keep to Themselves

School began last week, and on Thursday night my children and I kicked off the new year by attending the annual school ice cream social.  There I chatted with a mother who complained that over the past few weeks her daughter had been misbehaving.  She explained to me that she takes away toys as punishment.  Her dilemma, however, was that she had already confiscated so many toys that there were hardly any left to take away.  I commiserated with her a bit, explaining that my daughter had been acting difficult and out of sorts as well.&nbs...more

Wanted: An Affordable, Integrated Neighborhood to Raise an Anti-Racist Kid

Across the United States, a great many white children are talking only to other white children....more