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Can TV Really Cause Autism?

The amount of time children spend in front of screens is a growing concern for parents. In 2012, it was found that children are using screens 4 to 5 times more than the 2 hour recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics.In this article, we take a look at what the science has to say particularly about the relationship between autism and screen time....more

Reasons why a toddler is your must have pregnancy wingman

Being pregnant is a wonderful, amazing, miracle of an experience.  You get to create this life inside of you, and then feel it grow and develop.  Eventually you baby grows to become a tiny person that you will grow to love more than you ever thought was humanly possible.  Plus, there is nothing quite as wonderful as new baby snuggles.Pregnancy may be a wonderful, amazing, miracle, but it’s also the most goddamn exhausting experience of your life....more

I Failed At Parenting

It wasn’t until she laid there lips slightly puckered upward, those big round eyes closed with her naturally long lashes whispering against her face and her tiny baby hands clutched into fists that I watched and wondered her dreams. She was so peaceful. The home was so quiet. Her beauty so breathtaking that the clock had passed two minutes before I realized I had just sat there starring at her with a smile on my face....more

5 Peices of Unwanted Parenting Advice

There are probably way more than 5 pieces of unwanted parenting advice that parents receive everyday however in the past 7 weeks since having my little Maddox I have found these 5 pieces of unwanted parenting advice are the most common. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely ask mom friends for advice and thoughts on what has worked for them in the past (for example; my son was not sleeping and voila! I had a friend letting me borrow an awesome chair that helped her son sleep). No, this is the type of advice that comes out of nowhere, sometimes from strangers that is completed unsolicited....more

The obsession over parenting

I (clearly) read too many parenting articles. I read them because I enjoy them; I read them hoping to learn something new; I read them for this blog. So, when I saw an article around the American obsession with parenting, I had to click on it....more

Two Sleeps

Two sleeps stand between you and two....more

My Twins Are Not Circus Animals :: 3 Ridiculous Things to Ask Moms of Multiples

Dear random stranger, You know when you go to the circus and you see the animals in the cage, it's different than seeing them at the zoo. It's not like you haven't seen at least 400 Bengel Tigers in your life, but when you see the circus tiger, well.. That's got to be the most AMAZING THING you've ever seen! Right?! ...more

An Atheist Christmas

Some of my friends may not be happy to hear this, but we've been keeping the Christ out of Christmas for years. If you weren't aware, both my husband and I are atheists. You might think celebrating Christmas is a bit of a quandary, but I've never struggled with it. Once we had children, it became more complicated but I wasn't willing to give up the magic of the season. Some of my best childhood memories are of evenings snuggled near the tree, munching cookies and warming our hands with hot chocolate....more

Unplugging: Helping Your Children Reduce Their Screen Time

Technology is a part of children's daily lives, but should it be a part of their nights, too? The data, according to a paper recently published in JAMA Pediatrics, suggests that the answer is no. Researchers analyzing hundreds of studies on children and teens between ages 6 and 19 found a strong correlation "between access to or the use of devices and reduced sleep quantity and quality, as well as increased daytime sleepiness."...more