10 Things Parents Never Want to Hear

At some point, every parent comes up with a laundry list of things that we just do not want to hear, see or have to deal with. Unfortunately, because we are parents we do not usually get to decide if we ultimately can adhere to that laundry list. So today in an effort to promote parenting solidarity here are 10 things you do not want to hear, but because you are a parent more than likely will. You do not want to have your child's teacher ask if they can have a word alone with you. Like ever. ...more

Why Praising Little Girls for Being Pretty is Cruel

"What does 'pretty' mean?", I asked my little girl who just turned four."I don't know.""Are you pretty?""Yeah.""Well, how do you know you're pretty if you don't know what it means?""I look in the mirror and see I'm pretty."...more
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10 Ways to Make Work Night Cooking a Snap (and Avoid the Temptation to Eat Out!)

After a long day at work, the last thing most people want to do is spend another hour cooking. No wonder nearly 40% of the average American’s food dollar is spent on restaurant meals. While eating out is fast and convenient, it’s also expensive and restaurant’s are notorious for over-sized portions full of fat and salt. ...more

Chaos, Cuddles, and The Wonderfully Dreadful Newborn Phase

When I was pregnant with my first, I remember a co-worker telling me how the “dark times” of having children are in those first few weeks of life. I didn’t listen to a word he had to say about how having a newborn was the toughest part of parenting. So what if they can’t reciprocate the love and who cares that they just sleep and eat? I thought the newborn phase was going to be the absolute best and easiest part of it all. And then I had a newborn. And it wasn’t the best and easiest part of the parenting gig. ...more

Ten Truths of Motherhood

{one} You will have days when you're angry because you can't just go. It's not like before you had kids and you could just pick up and go at the drop of a hat. You didn't have to think about nap time or feeding kids or any of that.{two} You'll be exhausted all. the time. Even when you don't think you're tired, you're tired.{three} You will have to know when to just let some things go. You're son is vacuuming for the second time today, and not a bit of cleaning is actually being done....more

April Showers and Bathroom Powers | by Lauren Cop

“Mom I have to tinkle!” “Mom come wipe my butt!” “Pee potty! Pee Potty” Oh yes – we all know the phrases and how you must move with urgency before we run out of time!! For me, I always feel like I am dealing with a time-sensitive bomb when potty training my girls. I have read every article and tried every technique. With my girls being almost 2 and 3 potty training has become my life – in fact I spend a majority of the day in our tiny 4ft by 10ft full guest bathroom. So what have I learned? Potty training is about power – that’s right – power!...more

10 Things I Do To Stay Efficient As a Working Mom

I recently joined the ranks of the employed. Again. It'll be my second time balancing this whole kids, job, life thing. Maybe balancing is an ambitious word. Surviving. It'll be my second attempt at surviving this whole kids, job, life thing. It's exactly as I recalled it. Whole lotta less time for the life part....more

The Six Kinds of Moms on Facebook in 2016

Facebook has evolved. Gone are the days where you looked forward to poking your friends and inviting others to join you at Farmville. The site’s grown up, and so have the users. So, too, have the moms of Facebook changed....more