4 Ways for a Busy Parent to Find Time to Write

  Motherhood is the best thing in the world. At least I think so. I love everything about my children from their tiny faces, butts, to even their messy diapers (It means they’re eating well!). But having kids can make it hard to find time to even shower, let alone write. Yet, today I was able to put words to a page and play with my kids! Here are a few ways I manage to find time to write. ...more

Why is My Child Misbehaving? Looking at Back to School Stress, Perfectionism and All Those Worries Our Kids Keep to Themselves

School began last week, and on Thursday night my children and I kicked off the new year by attending the annual school ice cream social.  There I chatted with a mother who complained that over the past few weeks her daughter had been misbehaving.  She explained to me that she takes away toys as punishment.  Her dilemma, however, was that she had already confiscated so many toys that there were hardly any left to take away.  I commiserated with her a bit, explaining that my daughter had been acting difficult and out of sorts as well.&nbs...more

Wanted: An Affordable, Integrated Neighborhood to Raise an Anti-Racist Kid

Across the United States, a great many white children are talking only to other white children....more

8 Things Your Child Needs to Hear Today for a Great School Year

Whether it’s your child's first day of Kindergarten, or last day of high school, we’ve been there and we know how scary it can be.  We also know everything will be fine, right? Tell her to keep her head high, follow this advice and sky’s the limit:Tell Her to be Brave...more

Empowering Birth Books?

When I was planning my birth, I found myself pulled between two worlds. The mainstream narrative of childbirth was a world where technology triumphs over trusting your instincts. It left me feeling helpless and I needed a way of understanding what my body was capable of. For me, the books listed below took me to another world, highlighting the power and simplicity in natural birth. Page by page they re-framed birth for me, gave me the self-belief to feel positive about planning a homebirth and the courage to advocate for the kind of birth I wanted. ...more

The Second Best Thing About Having A Baby

Ask any mom you know what the most amazing moment of their life was and they will all say it the birth of their baby.  Every single mom will name this single moment as the earth shattering greatest...HANDS DOWN nothing tops it.  Whether you dreamed about the mommy moment since you were four years old...or you got a little drunk and had a woopsie baby, it won't matter.  Becoming a mother is everything.  You created a HUMAN!  I bet he or she is the most perfect human that ever graced the earth huh?  Yeah, mine are too....more

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