Ommmggggg A Bomb Threat!!! #LOL | Kids and Social Media

[CN: violence, suicide, sexual assault]...more

Parents, have you talked to your kids about sex & other awkward stuff yet?

 Parents, have you talked to your kids about sex, suicide & other awkward stuff yet? Parenting,Lisa  ...more

I Used to be So Judgy

I used to be so judgy.Back before I had kids. I knew how my kids would behave because I would teach them to behave that way because really, how hard could it be?...more

Things I've Stepped on Since I've Had Kids

Huh.That was a new one.I looked down at my feet and the object upon which I’d just stepped. It was a plastic cup. And not a drinking cup, but a protective cup from my ten-year-old’s baseball shorts. Now how did THAT get on the living room floor?It could be the strangest thing I’d ever stepped on. But then again, since I’ve had kids, I’ve stepped on things I didn’t even know existed before! Here’s a quick list of things I’ve stepped on:...more

Why You Shouldn't Kill Your 12-Year-Old

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Project: No Training Wheels

   I believe children should be free to take calculated risks. Sure, try that big twisty slide. Jump off the big rock. Climb that tree.  Until it comes to my daughter.   Now that's not entirely true. While I am slightly neurotic about her more daring behavior, I can usually manage a slight "Be careful" and even turn away if need be. ...more

This Mother's Fears

This Mother’s Fears Elizabeth Stone had it right when she said, “Making the decision to have a child is momentous....more


When my son Webster was about 2 years old, he inherited a large fully equipped bright pink doll house.  He was not yet conditioned to associate the color or the function with a traditional toy for girls and he loved it.  His play involved putting out fires in the building, Spiderman fighting Venom on the roof, and rescuing the dolls from dinosaur attacks. Meanwhile, girls visiting for playdates had tea parties, put the dolls to bed, and made dinner in the kitchen.  Fast forward a year or so to Webster sitting in a sandbox playing with a boy a couple of years older than him. Webster picks up a pink shovel and his play date quickly points out that pink is for girls and thus initiates the beginning of the end for the pink doll house....more

Six Traits of Happy Moms

I like to think I’m pretty happy. Well, most of the time.But sometimes I get tired and stressed and frazzled and frustrated and resentful and tired (did I say that twice?). I know, I am entitled to feel these emotions. I mean I have three busy kids, a husband with a big career, and my own blogging empire I’m trying to build. Of course I should be stressed sometimes, right?As women, we have more opportunities than ever before, so why are we so bummed? Why do we spend all our time complaining about how tough our lives are, while others go out and live it?...more