Parenting Athletes: How and Why I Do It

  Parents of athletes have particular obligations-some sport specific, some general to having athletic kids living in the house.  Until they move out (and maybe after-I’m  not there yet), we are responsible for keeping track of practices, purchasing equipment and locating lost parts of uniforms.   ...more

March Musings

Show and Tell

Brittany called the house phone the other day and since I had been talking to her on my cell phone just a few minutes earlier I asked if she was trying to reach her dad.   She said, “No, I was just playing Parental Lottery!” As usual she was walking between classes. And also as usual she was holding multiple conversations and getting me in the middle of them. I think half the kids at Western have said “Hi Mom” to me!Brittany has always used me for show and tell. Maybe that’s why I like writing about her – pay back!...more

Toddler Tricks - 82: Choices

Problem: Your kid won't eat breakfast, or get dressed, or brush her teeth...again. She'd rather cry.Solution: Choices. You already knew that. But specific kinds of choices. And a limited number of choices. Make the choosing part of the routine.READ MORE:...more

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!We’ve got big plans to celebrate today…  I’ve even got cupcakes hidden away for after lunch. (Shhh!  Don’t tell!)Reading time today will include all our favorite toddler/preschooler Dr. Seuss books....more

A Mom's Ache: Motherhood Is Like Breaking Your Toe

The first step of becoming a mother is stubbing your toe. (See? Told you I’d get back around to it.) Something in you breaks. It’s not an essential something. It’s not a something that changes how you look. Or a something that cripples permanently. It’s a something that might change how you act in small ways. It certainly changes how you feel. It’s a something that leaves behind a tender ache. An ache that can be triggered when you stub your heart against a child’s tear or smile of joy....more
 @Nobody wants to be Ethel I love that we're never too old for our mom's hugs.  There's nothing ...more

Memories and Merlot…at the Shopping Mall

I was walking in the mall with my husband last Saturday night. First off, I would like to thank my babysitter for making this momentous occasion (some call it ‘date night’) possible. Because how great is date night…even if we do get home at 9:30pm? But I digress. As we walked by a Nine West, I exclaimed excitedly, “I used to shop there!” It was a strange little moment, because as I looked at all of the adorable, strappy little shoes I wondered, why don’t I shop there anymore?...more

What's a Doctor?

I just want to take a moment to talk about how ridiculous Dr. Drew Pinsky is all of the time. ...more

I am Afraid of My Twelve-Year-Old Daughter


Just like that, a journey is over...

He's done.My oldest will never be a Cub Scout again.  He graduated last night, and received his Arrow of Light.  He'll be moving on to Boy Scouts now, his first meeting in a few days.  He's already signed up for camp this summer.He's growing up.The years we've put into Cub Scouts, the energy and time and effort and dedication are done....more