What Do Your Undergarments Say About You?

Have you ever noticed that undergarments say a lot about where you are in life? Don’t believe me? What are you wearing right now? Comfy underpants for that chase-the-kids-around kind of day? Ones that won’t show panty lines because you are in a pant suit for a big presentation at the head of the conference room? Or maybe none at all? I won’t judge – I’ve gone that route a few times. In my case, it is usually the voice in my head screaming, “Yes, it’s because I forgot to do the laundry…again…!”  ...more

Baby Yoga or Child Abuse? Warning: Images may offend.

It's yoga, baby, but not as you know it.I've only had four children, so I'm no expert, but I - like many others around the globe - am shocked by 51 year old Russian, Lena Fokina, who has gained international attention for her baby yoga techniques....more
This is disturbing! I am dumbfounded ... Thanks for sharing.more

You'll Always Be a Worse Mom Than Your Idealized Self

There has been a lot of hubbub recently surrounding the rash of "All Parents from That Country Are Better Than Any Parent from This Country" type articles making the rounds on the blogosphere, and I feel like have something to add to the conversation. You see, I have spent almost two years now living with the idealized version of my parental self....more
This was hilarious and brilliant. Loved it! My idealized self is driving me nuts! I wish she ...more

I'm So Glad I'm Not You

Today I was stopped by a woman, who asked the phrase that I could not possibly have heard before, "Are those twins?" Chuckling to myself I said, "Yes they are," and smiled proudly at the two toddlers smiling back at me. The lady laughed and said, "I'm so glad I'm not you." In an instant my smile dropped and my eyes bugged out. She continued, "I'm so glad I didn't have twins," and looked lovingly at her own 3 children beside her. My mouth dropped in shock as she actually looked at my twins in disgust!...more
It makes me sad... As the mother of identical twin girls, only to lose one of them two days ...more

An Open Letter to Parents Checking Out Library DVDs

Dear PCOLDVDs,Is it really necessary to run a chainsaw over the discs before returning them to the library? I mean, I get it. I have two three-year-old girls. Things happen. Sometimes a scratch is inevitable. But even if there are scores of us eagerly awaiting returns so that we can gain a few minutes of peace here and there with the aid of a free movie or show collection, the discs shouldn't look like they've been chewed on. Seriously....more

Scripts for Talking to Teens about Sex

Most parents would rather see the dentist than to even think about talking to their kids about sex. Many of us put off having “The conversation” so long that our kids are left to learn about their bodies from what they’re picking up from TV, movies, video games and their friends. This is not exactly the most accurate information and can lead to lots of confusion, questions and heartache....more

Dropping the Bomb

The summer that Charlie turned two, there were a lot of changes going on around him and for the most part he was taking them in stride. I left my job and became a stay at home mom, he started having to share mommy and daddy's attention with a new baby sister, his best friend moved away, and the nanny that he had and loved very much graduated and moved back to Boston....more

A Tale of Two Haircuts

A Tale of Two Haircuts I hate the kiddie hairdresser. Hate. It. First of all, it's grossly overpriced. Twenty bucks to trim Tilly's ends and cut her bangs, really? Second, it is totally over stimulating! There are Chinese crap, death toys absolutely everywhere. And. They. Always. Make. You. Wait.  Sandee, you ask, why don't you just take them to SuperCuts or give them haircuts at home?  I will give you three reasons 1.) They have TV's with DVD players that can temporarily hypnotize small people 2.) Tilly hates haircuts, seriously hates them....more

As The Dust Begins To Settle

Since my 4lb 10oz bundle of screaming joy was eight weeks early, he was  transferred from my body to a team of doctors and nurses there to assess him and make sure he was alright. After their original assessment, which was much better then expected I was able to hold my little man for 30 seconds (for real, a nurse timed it), and then they whisked him off to the NICU....more

Charlie's Birthday

August 4, 2008. I was 32 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my son. As a teacher, I was off for the summer and as the worlds most amazing wife, I got up with my husband Nick. He had a grossly early meeting that day, and I had a doctors appointment.  As a one car family, I drove Nick to his office and came home and got back into bed. My plan was to read, sleep a bit longer, then get up, shower, and get to the doctor by eleven.  I snuggled back into bed, reading "When You are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sederis....more