Just Alike

On the average day, we get a lot of this: "They're close in age, aren't they?" or "Are they twins?"I'm always a bit confused at this, since, to me, they're obviously twins, identical at that. I'll answer with a "Yup, just a minute apart," or "Yes, they are!" and the conversation goes from there, usually in normal adult tones at a normal adult sound level.Yesterday, we got this: "Oh, look at the twins! They are so cute! How amazing! You are so lucky! Wow!" Louder than usual. In a higher pitch....more

A Difficult Lesson

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Moment of the Week - 43: Let's go fly a kite

We're on our beach vacation (free wifi, for the win), and while it's slightly less than glorious to put it mildly, we have gotten a few great moments in...including when a really nice family gave us their kites.     Rea...more

Confusing the Neighbourhood

 A very dirty Milo as he was delivered back to me this afternoon!...more

Toddler Tricks - 43: Making the best of it

Ways to trick your baby:Problem: Your potty-trained toddler has to go to the bathroom midway through a rather long drive. You don't want him to hold it and teach him that troublesome trick. You don't want him to go in his pants. You don't want to slap a diaper on him, showing inconsistency. You don't want to stop, but you'll have to.Solution: Read More:...more

The Perfect Date Every Day

Yun has discovered  that the perfect date can occur even with the people we are in contact with every day..  The lessen comes from one of her recent dates with a most handsome young man.The perfect date started  with a glorious ride….into the sunset….....more

Thought provoking questions to get children talking about summer camp.

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The Reckless Guide to Slumber Party Survival

I have hosted two slumber parties at my home in so many weeks. With two girls, I have held many, many more slumber parties over the years and could not begin to count the sleepovers with one or two friends. And then, I have taken fifteen girls camping in tents. Slept in a museum with another bunch. Counseled a group of ten for a week at summer camp. I have survived. Thus far. Barely....more