What's Wrong with Bert?

My husband is the kind of consumer that companies hate. He buys what's on sale - without any brand loyalty. The last several boxes of diapers he's brought home have featured characters from Sesame Street. I believe I have complained in the past about how it's practically impossible to find a diaper that doesn't feature some licensed character on it. I also believe I have suggested my excellent idea for no-name diapers which, instead of Dora the Explorer, have the words FRONT and BACK emblazoned on them....more

Why I Blog: Freeing My Mind and My Soul

People have asked me why I blog.  Is it a cry for help?  Is it documented pain?  Yes, and so much more.  We live in a technologically driven world and I can’t think of a better way to get the word out BEING A SINGLE MOTHER, RAISING A BOY, IS NOT EASY, BUT IT’S VERY POSSIBLE!...more
Not corny at all! We all need guidance in our parenting sometimes. You can never be to sure if ...more

Pure Joy

Watching the girls grow up is downright amazing.  I’ve said in the past that when they are small you are so exhausted and tired of saying “no”, of doing the diaper thing, the potty training thing, the sharing thing that you tend to not pay attention or appreciate fully the gains....more

Toddler Tricks - 74: Keep Them Involved

Problem: There is an occasion or event going on in which your child is not the main player. They are, of course, using this opportunity to make themselves as annoying as possible to try to, yet again, be the center of attention. They are on the verge of bringing down the whole thing with their bad mood.SOLUTION:...more

Happy Day

One of the best things about having young children is their ability to increase your enjoyment of festive occasions simply by being excited about it themselves.Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and the girls couldn't have been more psyched for it. We had a countdown, starting from five days, and each morning, they made me do the subtraction on my fingers and helped me figure out how many days left until Daddy's party....more

The War of Wills

   Zoe, right, is our strong-willed child....more
@edavis Thanks for the read and your reply! Sigh...yes...it is easy to slip! While I try not ...more

Six Freaking Months

Tim had a bad day yesterday, and I fear we're seeing the start of the usual Winter cycle.  Apparently he asked for his PRN in the morning because his voices were "loud," but by 3:30 in the afternoon, they'd worn off.  He got in to it with a new staff member at his group home, so aggressively that the guy called 911 for help because he couldn't get backup from another group home on the grounds fast enough.  By the time the police got there Tim was calmer, and had another PRN. ...more

Driving Your Kids to School Makes Them Fat

 "In the United States, just 13 percent of kids walk or bike. As a result, many North American kids are so obese they look like they could play offensive line in the NFL." --Andrew Clark, Globe and MailNo, totally. Our kids are all fat because they don't walk to school. True facts. What an odd and inflammatory conclusion to make. It couldn't be due to anything else at all. If they only walked to school, they'd all be slim as supermodels. ...more

Will My Children have Great Interpersonal Skills in This Tech-Saturated World?

Goodness, my children live in a saturated world of technology and gadgets and 140 character statements. They will NEVER know a time when technology wasn't an enormous part of their lives. Period. The best thing that I can do NOW is cultivate and nurture excellent communication skills in them with people face to face and NOT simply over clicking 'send' because it seems to me that interpersonal skills are almost extinct today. It's a bit scary! ...more
There needs to be balance--good interpersonal skills live and online. I am a not only a fan of ...more