On Parenting, Part 1

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Your Kids Don't Need An Adult Playmate; They Need Parents

 I can remember being really little, and I can remember my parents playing with me....more

Guest Post - Crayon Crafts for the Win

My good friend, amazing artist and even better photographer has graciously given me an any-time craft good for kids of all ages (so long as you're right there, helping!) She's so creative! Her blog has so many more crafts and beautiful photos, definitely go check it out!......more

Encouraging the Young Artist

In response to my recent post about art, a commenter on my blog's Facebook Page asked how I motivate my kids to create so much art.  The question left me chuckling because there are times, of which I am not proud, when I wish they would create just a little less art.  It's not that I begrudge them their artistic sides....more

Raising Boys Not To Be Total Jerks

@victorias_view I think the most important thing for me was to say something instead of just ...more

First World Problems.

We just returned from a trip to El Salvador to celebrate my husband's grandma's 100th birthday. (I know, right?) So that's great and all, but let me just tell you this in case you don't know: Don't travel with toddlers.  Just don't. I know you think it'll be fine and you can do it, but don't. Really. Don't do it.Oh, I'll make my case, just you wait.Reason #1: Too much stuff. ...more

Like Humans Do

At three and a half, my kids are experimenting with the frivolities of human life. They are moving beyond a grasp of vocabulary and simple sentence structure. They've got subject, verb, object. Now that they can order me around, ask multiple questions and argue like enraged banshees, they've decided to expand their repertoire in an attempt, I can only assume, to be more charming. I welcome this.Small Talk:"It's a nice day out there, Daddy.""Hey, mommy, how is your day?"Compliments:...more

Naughty Words | When your children surprise you with their vocabulary

I recently spent some time with my nieces and nephews ranging in age from 6 to 18 years which was delightful - and occasionally instructive. On one occasion I was quite shocked to hear my youngest niece address her 15 year old cousin as ‘penis breath’ which prompted the questions ‘why?’ and ‘where is she hearing that kind of talk?’. My niece is bilingual and only speaks English at home and I’m fairly sure her parents aren’t speaking to her or to each other in that way. So it begs the question what makes kids use offensive language?...more

Fight-Free February or Madness-Free March | How to positively handle conflict with your children

In successful relationships it’s not that there is no conflict but conflicts are well-handled.  When there is conflict the following approach will help stop it escalating and allow for disagreement without harming the relationship....more

Disciplining Children: My New Referee Kit

  “You’ve got your hands full,” the mechanic at the auto service center told me as I was paying for my oil change.“Yes I do,” I responded, as my boys poked each other, giggled and ran around the small office....more