Parents aren’t done when their kids turn 21

Parents aren’t done when their kids turn 21  New parents are often told that this little baby, this precious gift from God, is theirs to nurture for 18 years. It’s a lie. ...more
@Denise I'll try that next time - thanks!! I kept trying to make it right, but it had a mind ...more

6 Truisms About Motherhood That No One Wants to Admit

That bodily fluid aversion that you once had before babies magically disappears....more

Are Wireless Children More Successful?

Are Wireless Children More Successful? RT @BookPRgirl @TheGinaBarreca

Channeling Daddy's Cool

My fiancé is everything I'm not. He is, for the most part, calm and cool and collected. I am not. He can quell whining with a single word, make the kids laugh without effort and even banish them to their rooms without seeming like a big meany. I cannot. Not to mention he looks even more calm, cool and collected next to my more intensely feisty and frazzled personality....more
Yes but it's not all nicey nicey roses and rainbows.more

Target Targets Pregnant Women

You're pregnant! How do you break the news? Some women buy baby balloons. If there's a child already, they can put him or her in a big brother / big sister shirt. Some women actually bake buns and put them in the oven for their partner to find (I saw this somewhere. I never would have thought of it myself.)I decided on "crying, sit down when I tell you this, oh my God, what are we going to do" approach, but I realize not everyone can be that romantic....more

I'm an Anti-Soccer Mom

This is a post from my old blog…even though my daughter is 9 now, the sentiment behind it still stands, so I figured I’d post it again....more

Toddler Tricks - 80: Use the Television, your kid continues to do something she's not supposed to do. Two, you're not sure if all your talking at her is sticking. She seems to understand everything you say, down to the very subtle nuances of conversation, but when it comes to "don't do that," she pulls a blank face. Maybe she really doesn't yet understand? Haha, no. Maybe she's reached the age of selective hearing. Time to gear up.Solution:...more

Turn off & tune in

 This week has been awesome. The weather has been amazing, the tot has been well behaved (as well as the adults), and even with the itty-bit of bad weather, there's been fun things to do. We've been here before, which really makes it feel like we're hangin' at our beach house. Along with some serious beach time, there has been some extra-long walks around town and along the boardwalk.Not much time for chatting on Twitter or posting on Facebook....more

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I used to do posts outlining what the girls were saying as they grew up and started grasping the language. Now that they're three and a half, it's not what they say butwhat they say, if you know what I mean.Anyway, here are some gems from the past two days alone."Mama, do you know any princesses?""No, do you?""Um, yes, my cousin is a princess.""Who, Annabelle?""No...make me a cousin that's a princess.""Daddy, you have a pretty watch.""Oh, thank you.""And pretty glasses.""You think my glasses are pretty? Thanks!"...more

Every House is More than a Home

We have resumes to tell the ‘who, what, where and when’ of our professional lives. We have our homes to tell the ‘who, what, where and when’ of our personal lives. Without saying a word, the places where we live speak volumes about us – from who lives there to what stage of their life they are in to whether or not they have pets....more