It Took Me Three Kids To Pick Up Coffee

It seems like coffee is a really popular trend among virtually anyone who has kids. Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, whatever goes… And for me, I always hated coffee.I thought it was gross and the closest you would ever see me get to it was a Coffee Coolata from Dunkin Donuts because it was basically frozen goodness, and didn’t imitate coffee well....more
A coffee habit is a fine habit to have :)more

The Judgement Games: Mom vs Mom

One of the things I was NOT prepared for when I entered motherhood was all the silent (and sometimes not so silent) wars that were happening within the realms of Mommyland. Every which way I looked, I was literally being bombarded to join a side, pick a team, and throw those judgmental stares in the "enemy" direction. All of the wars are fuelled by one sneaky devil: Judgment....more
@victorias_view That is SO true! And foolish is a brilliant word for it! more

Parenthood Is Sssssexy!


Working at Home with Kids: Is It Worth the Struggle?

The same thing keeps happening when I try to work on my novel.  I have to get geared up, as there is a lot of guilt involved in leaving it alone for so long.  Then I have to remember where the thing is about and figure out if I start in the beginning of the 300 pages, or wherever I last left off (if I remember) or just burn it and start anew.  When I get started, there is the up-and-down of hating it, then loving it, then hating it, then remembering why I want to write it and getting excited about where it's going next.   And then:  interruptions....more
That sounds like a good plan. Sometimes I feel like if I can't get a giant chunk, it won't ...more

Purses - Then and Now

Remember your old handbags? Remember the days when clutches were an option? The days when you had the leisure time to match a purse to an outfit? Designs and fabrics and strap length to be determined at your whim? ...more

That's Why This Song Has Been Rattling Around in My Head for the Last Two Days...

@Denise Yay! I love that you know Edie Carey! She is amazing and I love her and you can actually ...more

Mothers and Fathers in the Land of Oz

I think Baum was ahead of his time. I suspect he may be pointing out that women are the heart of ...more

"No Biking in the House without a Helmet" w/ Melissa Fay Greene

As a mom of 9 and award winning author, Melissa Fay Greene shares her humorous and insightful journey of adoption and parenting on our show!...more

Life After Divorce: The Summer Custody Visit Suck

One more sleep. One more morning coffee. That’s how long until I get to see my baby girl again. She’s six years old and she has been away from home for more than two weeks now, visiting my ex-husband in St. Louis. All I know is that two weeks is way too long for a mommy and a little girl to be apart. At least it is for me. ...more
@Loopy71 Thank you so much! I truly appreciate that.more

Binge drinking harms girls' brains more

Got a teenage daughter?Here's yet another reason to teach her about the dangers of underage drinking:Brain researchers have found that binge drinking does more damage to girls' brains than boys' brains. (Binge drinking is defined by 4 or more drinks at one sitting; 5 for boys.)No one knows why this is the case, but the theories include:1. Girls' brains develop a couple years earlier than boys'2. Girls have slower metabolic rates3. Girls tend to weigh less4. Girls tend to have a higher body-fat ratio5. Hormonal differences...more