Music Practice | Can it be a Real Joy for a parent?

My 7 year old is a Suzuker! Since she was 4 ½ she has been learning the violin using the Suzuki Method, a method I chose because I have a few friends who themselves learned the Suzuki way, and highly recommended it. Her school had a very inspired teacher who was introducing a new programme and I thought it would be great for her to start to learn such a beautiful instrument. For those unfamiliar with Suzuki, the method requires a good deal of involvement from a parent. I attend a weekly private lesson, and a weekly group lesson, with the occasional music camp thrown in for good purpose!...more

What Would Your Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Say?

Stay-at-home moms get this question – or some variation of it – a lot: “Do you think you will return to work?” or “Do you miss work?” To clear up some misconceptions, I never stopped working. I stopped working for money. I do not miss work. I work an overwhelming amount. Every day. Every night. In fact, my three bosses are relentless. They are overly demanding, whiny, and some days they do nothing but yell at me. But I digress…back to the subject at hand. Will I return to the work-for-pay world? One would hope, right? But first, I will need to update my resume....more
@DesiValentine4 Thanks! It is definitely a week of polishing up my zookeeper skills. Am having ...more

Mom (plus) Children = Happiness


quirks are us

Nature vs nuture...yikes, this is a BIG topic to tackle this week GBE2 people. I started to formulate a thought, and then completely rationalized it away- blown off to the dusty recesses of my brain. Started thinking of it from the opposite angle and ..whoosh....gone ... So, instead of trying to figure out a direction for this post, I will instead just start typing and see where all the letters fall when I am done,...more

When Geeky Met Dweeby: Autism Rates Higher Near Technology Hubs?

My daughter was born in Northern California, where my husband and I both worked for hi-tech companies before relocating back to Chicago. She was diagnosed with autism two years later by a neurologist who felt that autism was mostly a genetic disorder. His theory was that autism is an extreme mutation of a specific personality type that is marked by narrow interests, poor social and communication skills, and a hyper-logical, engineering-type mind.Hello, Silicon Valley Nerdlinger!...more

Son, You May Have My Fears, but You're Learning How to Swim

Today was the first time I took my five year old son swimming. That is not strictly true; we have been swimming quite a lot. We did lessons and had a regular Saturday morning playdate in the pool when he was 3-4, but he has always been terrified of the water. Bath time has been an absolute nightmare until we came up with a complicated system where I had a towel ready, rinsed his hair and immediately wiped any excess water from his precious widdle face. Daddy is not allowed to do the rinse process, only me. Otherwise the result is BLOODCURDLINGSCREAMS!!!!!!...more
@fuckedupmommy OMG!! I have been there done that! I am actually going to post a positive ...more

Thinking About Throwing in the Towel? Giving Up on Your Marriage Is Not So Easy.

Giving up. Two simple words, not so simple decision.I recently read Jyllian Martini's blog post here on BlogHer, posing the question, When to Give Up?  Those words hit me pretty hard. When is the right time to just “give up”, say uncle and throw in the towel, on anything?  Maybe it’s that job you hate, that dream of going (fill in the blank), the friendship that drains the life out of you, or that relationship that just doesn’t seem to work no matter how hard you’ve tried. I think most of us have those moments, but I seem to be having a lot of them lately....more

An Election Day Fix

I believe that there is a critical flaw in the election day polling system. And I think that if it were fixed, more parents would get their vote on. I'm talking about the standard practice of closing schools on Election Day, forcing millions of parents to bring their school-aged kids to the polls with them. When I bring my boys out in public there's about a 97% chance that they will misbehave, which brings on unwanted attention, embarrassment and frustration. ...more

Smiling Through the Ugg

Woke up sick as a dog Sunday morning, not able to hold anything down. I cursed all the Halloween candy I shouldn't have eaten the night before during Redbox night with the hubby.  I still feel like crap, but at least finally digesting some soup and ginger ale without incident....more

Zombie Children Everywhere!

I want to start this post of with a disclaimer: I have not met your kids, I am not a doctor, this post is simply my opinion on the subject, and if it offends you, I apologize now, but it's how I view a topic that is very dear to me.  Now, onto the post....more