On Tiger Wives, Rabbit Babies, and Shrinking Violets

Smackdown! Deng in action. Photo from tntmagazine.comMy parents are on vacation in Greece, so the multiple daily phone calls my mother and I codependently engage in have been replaced via email....more

The Things that Annoy Me about Kids' Shows

Being an expert in educational children's programming, by which I mean I'm a parent who sometimes needs to clean or make dinner in peace, I have some gripes. Most are irrational, some are grudgey, all legitimately bother me.The first is derived from a very unfair grudge I hold against Martin Short. I just hate him. I've never found him funny, and he was at his unfunniest on his little show there, Glick, or whatever it was. His voice irritates me. Therefore, the voice of the Cat from The Cat and the Hat affects me like the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Gosh, Cat!...more

Thirteen Things That Are Amazing About My Daughter

When I first began this blog several years ago, making a "Thursday Thirteen" list was popular. I have no idea if this is still the case or not, but I like lists, so I'm going to do one about my daughter this week and one about my son next. I feel that sometimes we get caught up in the maintenance of parenthood, and forget that having children is such a wonderful privilege. Appreciating them for who they are and not who I think they should be or want them to be is important to me so I am making this list to remind myself. Be forewarned - Cecilia is awesome so you may be jealous....more

How to Make Friends: The Mommy Edition

I am a horrible judge of character. I basically like everyone on sight and invite them into my home and give them my stuff immediately. I ended up with a lot of jovial troublemakers in my circle, which was all fine and dandy when I was on my own. Then I had kids.And for three years, I couldn't make a friend to save my life.I wondered often what had happened to me. I didn't remember hating people so much. Since when was I the type to stew in the corner finding possible reasons not to talk to people, especially other moms?...more

A good time to make a change is any time you are ready.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  ~Maria Robinson...more

A little mischief can be fun...even as an adult.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” Angela SchwindtMischievous Monkey......more

Confessions of a Bad Bath Taker

I've always wanted to be the type who takes baths. Even when I was a kid, it just seemed like a romantic, luxurious thing to do. Hot water, bubbles, candles, wine, a good book. Is this not a recipe for the best time ever? Well, for me, sadly not.First of all, I'm tall. At 5'9", I just don't fit in a bathtub. I can sit up and stretch out my legs, leaving my entire torso exposed. Or I can slouch down to cover my navel with water with my knees sticking up awkwardly and uncomfortably. It never releases the tension in my neck because of the angle at which I have to hold my head....more

Babies Aren't Machines; Throw the Schedule Out the Window

Sue Buchelt tells me that parents are supposed to start working toward getting their infants on a schedule as soon as they leave the hospital. Her methods include stuffing the baby as full as he can get so that he goes at least 3.5 hours between feedings (both breastfed and formula fed) and letting the infant cry it out if he wakes up before it's time.But it's okay. She knows. Her pediatrician told her. Plus, she has four kids....more

I Don't Remember Much of My Son's First Year

I’m going to let you in on my dirty little motherhood secret -- I don’t remember much about Weston’s first year. There -- I said it. Out loud. On the Internet. Most of my memories are tied to pictures; physical proof that he was indeed an infant once. I am sure there are a plethora of reasons why I don’t remember -- sleep deprivation, a deployed husband, wine (just kidding), not working, etc… I have trouble remembering the new baby smell and how his three-month old body would rest against mine....more
I can't picture any of my sons faces as babies. I feel awful that I can't find those memories. I ...more

Maximilien & the Chicken Pox

It's a rite of passage. Growing up I remember many of my friends getting the chicken pox. I remember getting the chicken pox. I don't remember the chicken pox being like this. ...more