Love Story of a Mom

I've been falling in love lately. Something about the promise of spring, not quiet here yet, not even close really, but instead just out of reach. Hope. It's not my husband I've been falling in love with. We're comfortable in the ebb and flow of married life. The bouncing from romance to sick days with little ones; from friendship to tag team parenting. Some days we're in sync and some days we're just passing by one another between practices, lunch bags, meetings, and bedtime stories. We're ok with it.  ...more

What They Don't Tell You About Anxiety

When "demons" are depicted in scripts or drawings, they tend to follow the same trope. You've got your protagonist, seemingly fine, walking along, and following her, there are these entities. Sometimes these are actually drawn beings to personalize the "demons", sometimes they are simply words trailing the protagonist. Things that sometimes don't reach the ears, but sometimes catch up, and take hold....more

Acknowledging the Better Plan

Only God really knows where we are going and how He will get us there | Photo by Christopher Derrell, Barbados ...more

Swear Words and Parenting ... YIKES!

As a blogger, words tend to rub me a different way. Growing up I was taught not to use swear words. I never really got a reason why I shouldn't, other than because it is bad and if I said them I would get in problems. Fast forward years later and I encounter swear words every day, All Day! In Corporate Bahamas it seems that swear words are actually a part of every day language and is a necessary part of expressing a point. Although I have not gotten "used" to it, I have found a way not to express my shock each time it is sad....more

The Day I Talked To My Kid About Porn

Some of you may recall last summer when I had to have an on-the-fly How-Babies-Are-Made conversation with my 7-year-old, after he’d heard about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s labor experience on NPR....more

Trustful Parenting Experiment #2: Doing Less

This was a long winter, as everyone knows, except for you lucky devils living in places that didn’t get repeatedly body slammed by snow and/or subzero temperatures. Through the better part of the winter I kept pushing the kids to stick to a relatively active schedule of activities, errands, and playdates. We got out of the house just about every day and I thought this was good for us. But at a certain point, Miles slammed on the brakes. Getting him out of the house to go anywhere became such an unbelievable struggle that eventually I had to STOP and reconsider....more

Ten reasons why your gifted child procrastinates

Procrastination: that vexing time thief so many gifted children face. You watch as your bright, curious child, passionately engaged in so many interests, comes to a screeching halt when a project is due. You coax, cajole, demand, bribe, threaten, and stand on your head, yet nothing will budge. What gives? While most people procrastinate from time to time, some develop a chronic pattern fraught with avoidance, disorganization and frantic efforts as deadlines loom....more

When Is A Swear Word Just A Swear Word?

By Meg HodsonI am a blogger. The power of words holds a special place in my heart and is very important to me. I have always loved to write. You might say I am fanatical about proper grammar and spelling. I get language. I know how to form a proper, complete sentence. I say "please" and "thank you". I don't start conversations with "me" or "and"....more

The Five Stages of Driving Home at Bedtime with Children

 We've all been at this place before. We had a little too much fun at Grammy's, or the park, had a late dinner, and are now watching, in fear, as the clock winds down to Code Red, the point at which your children turn into sniveling, screaming, overtired little monsters.  You must get them home, but you know it won't be pretty.I'm here to walk you through the chaos, and provide some (questionably) helpful suggestions* to get you and your family home as safely as possible.*This is not real advice. Duh....more

Famous Last Words: The Things We Say Before We Are Parents

Before a person has children, it’s easy to pass judgement. And then you have them. It slowly dawns on you that you had absolutely no idea what it meant to be a parent and raise a child. Rather than feeling foolish for all of those bold statements I made about parenthood before joining the club, I’m embracing my naivety and sharing them with you. ...more
Cracking up!!!!!  Thanks so much for sharing.  And yep--overpriced hot chocolate with whipped ...more