Love Is More Than Skin Deep: What My Daughter Taught Me About My Skin Disorder

 I was thirty years old when I started to disappear, each day a little more― piece by piece. At first it didn’t bother me that much. Divorced with two small children, three tiny white spots were the least of my worries, but each day the spots grew bigger. Uneven white patches where pigment was disappearing overtook my chest, my neck, and my arms. The stark contrast between my healthy tanned skin and the white patches made it impossible to ignore. On the same schedule, my self-esteem and my pigment continued to fade....more

"Trains" Of Our Lives

Thomas.The.Train.I think that we have already established that I have a deep and strange hatred for trains.  My children's train table kind of ruins my life every single day. Just looking at the thing causes me to pop a Xanax and breathe into a paper bag.  It isn't just the train tables that raise my blood pressure though, let us devote some time to the dreaded Thomas The Train. ...more

Go Home Tuesday...You're Drunk- five things currently ticking me off

Guys... a lot is ticking me off right about now.I mean I've got the Cocksackie...strike one...  I can't eat, I can't drink, I can't talk and my mouth is in constant pain.  We are going on day five of this mess and I haven't even lost a pound.  It's just about the most unfair thing in the world....more

Back to School Butterflies

It’s back to school time. I know this because I am now officially late. To everything. Even publishing this post. I know lots of parents everywhere are rejoicing at the return of school. And I can’t say I’m sorry to see summer go. As a working mama, it’s financially exhausting to pay more than half your salary so you can have a job. But now I feel as though I’ve traded one kind of exhaustion for another....more

5 tips for a Successful back to School Year!

5 Tips for a Successful Back to School Year!...more

Master of Mediocrity- How to Bring it and How to Wing it

When I first embarked on this parenting journey nearly a decade ago I was bent on being a textbook mommy.  I had read the books and watched enough of TLC's A Baby Story to consider myself a total expert.  I was 24 year old.  It has taken me the better part of a decade to arrive at where I am today...a master of mediocrity. ...more

It's OK For My Kid To Care About Looks

“Okay, we have these new bell bottoms with a red tank top, jelly bean leggings, or the purple dress,” I say.We have exactly two minutes before we have to be downstairs to eat breakfast.Even with the school-bus scramble on a frazzled weekday morning, I give my girl some options.“Purple dress!” yells my 4-year-old daughter, with a smile on her face....more

Hello from Happiest Mama

Hello Bloggers! This is my first Blogher post so I thought I would start off by just saying hello and introducing my blog! Happiest Mama is a blog devoted to "seeing the sippy cup as half full." I wrote all about happiness, well-being, and staying positive throughout the challenging days of parenting. I would love you to come check out my page at   ...more

A text to my son changed the direction of a heated conversation

It was a text I sent to my son late last night after hearing the front door lock as he returned from a movie with friends. He  hurried past by our room without acknowledging us with a good night. His father was asleep next to me and I was googling "cliff jumping."...more

When Anxiety Strikes Your Fruit Bowl

I’m typically an easy going person. I try not to raise my voice above speaking level. I volunteer occasionally.  I’m tolerant and understanding. I am, for the most part, level-headed and kind. But every person has her breaking point and, well, mine was the stupid fruit bowl....more
danielledayney Denise  My advice has always been to post a combination of styles, on ...more