5 second pre-boob rage

Musings of a second-time Mum5 second pre-boob rage...more

Parenting 101: The Myth of the Favorite Kid

Growing up, I remember always thinking my parents had a favorite kid. My youngest brother got away with everything while my older brother got to do anything he wanted. Annnnd my other brother and I were stuck in the middle fighting to get attention....more

Cards and gifts from EVERYONE!

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Musings of a second-time MumRegrets...more

The fear

The musings of a second time MumThe fear...more

Dressing the baby

Musings of a second-time MumDressing the baby......more

Breast pads

The musings of a second-time MumBreast pads...more


The musings of a second-time Mum"Fnair"...more

Casual vomit

The musings of a second-time MumCasual vomit...more

Reasons why a toddler is the very worst pregnancy wingman

Being pregnant is a wonderful, amazing, miracle of an experience.  You get to create this life inside of you, and then feel it grow and develop.  Eventually you baby grows to become a tiny person that you will grow to love more than you ever thought was humanly possible.  Plus, there is nothing quite as wonderful as new baby snuggles....more