8 Things Your Child Needs to Hear Today for a Great School Year

Whether it’s your child's first day of Kindergarten, or last day of high school, we’ve been there and we know how scary it can be.  We also know everything will be fine, right? Tell her to keep her head high, follow this advice and sky’s the limit:Tell Her to be Brave...more

Empowering Birth Books?

When I was planning my birth, I found myself pulled between two worlds. The mainstream narrative of childbirth was a world where technology triumphs over trusting your instincts. It left me feeling helpless and I needed a way of understanding what my body was capable of. For me, the books listed below took me to another world, highlighting the power and simplicity in natural birth. Page by page they re-framed birth for me, gave me the self-belief to feel positive about planning a homebirth and the courage to advocate for the kind of birth I wanted. ...more

Post Baby Body...I want to love you...buuuuut I don't

I read a lot these days. ...more

The Second Best Thing About Having A Baby

Ask any mom you know what the most amazing moment of their life was and they will all say it the birth of their baby.  Every single mom will name this single moment as the earth shattering greatest...HANDS DOWN nothing tops it.  Whether you dreamed about the mommy moment since you were four years old...or you got a little drunk and had a woopsie baby, it won't matter.  Becoming a mother is everything.  You created a HUMAN!  I bet he or she is the most perfect human that ever graced the earth huh?  Yeah, mine are too....more

The Bus Stop


What Brock Turner's Release Means to Parents

Brock Turner gets released from jail Friday, September 2, 2016, after serving three months in Santa Clara County jail.For those of you not familiar, Mr. Turner, a scholar athlete and Olympic swimming hopeful, was convicted in March of three felony counts: assault with the intent to commit rape of an unconscious person, sexual penetration of an unconscious person and sexual penetration of an intoxicated person. He attacked a woman identified as drunk behind a garbage bin on the Stamford University campus in January 2015....more

Love Is More Than Skin Deep: What My Daughter Taught Me About My Skin Disorder

 I was thirty years old when I started to disappear, each day a little more― piece by piece. At first it didn’t bother me that much. Divorced with two small children, three tiny white spots were the least of my worries, but each day the spots grew bigger. Uneven white patches where pigment was disappearing overtook my chest, my neck, and my arms. The stark contrast between my healthy tanned skin and the white patches made it impossible to ignore. On the same schedule, my self-esteem and my pigment continued to fade....more

"Trains" Of Our Lives

Thomas.The.Train.I think that we have already established that I have a deep and strange hatred for trains.  My children's train table kind of ruins my life every single day. Just looking at the thing causes me to pop a Xanax and breathe into a paper bag.  It isn't just the train tables that raise my blood pressure though, let us devote some time to the dreaded Thomas The Train. ...more