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Even before Google, my mother knew

Being Highly Sensitive isn't easy. Being Highly Sensitive and not knowing it is even less easy.I didn't always know what I was, or why I was the way I was. But there was a time when I wished I wasn't....more

It was the night before Tuesday , a bedtime story

It was the night before Tuesday  and all through the houseEveryone was supposed to be sleepingEven the cats and their toy mouse The pillows were fluffed and the blankets were warmIn the hopes that the SandmanSoon worked his charm The child was cuddled all snug in his bedWith visions of dragons dancing through his headI, in my pajamas, with bliss bar and tea...more

Through The Eyes Of A Child

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3 Things They Should Teach in Prenatal Class

Bathing baby. Infant CPR. Car seat safety. Sure, those are all important things to know when becoming a parent for the first time. But now that I don't have babies anymore, I'm starting to realize how short-sighted prenatal classes really are in preparing us for the grand scheme of parenting. You know the saying, "no one ever tells you THAT about having kids." Well, here are my suggestions for a few things those classes should cover for long-term parental success...beyond the baby years...when no one seems to care if you are prepared or not....more

#1 reason parents humiliate and break their children on the internet

We see it a lot now, don't we? Some kid on the internet being punished and abused and humiliated by their parents for the whole world to see. Forever. The internet is forever. So parents, that are whipping, beating, shaving heads, dressing up, and whatever you're doing to your child, and then putting it out there to shame them over something they've done in an instant, Good fucking job, man. I mean, well done. You have shamed them for forever. You most likely broke something or everything in their spirit. You suck. ...more
reillysmom16 I agree. I want to hug those kids and encourage them. I want to roundhouse those ...more

Meet Emma

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm a 22 year old blogger from Birmingham, UK. I am also the founder of MommaFit UK! I got married in 2013 to Matt and we have a beautiful baby girl named Ella. Ella was 5 months old when I started writing for MommaFit. We also have two little Chihuahuas - Freddie and Rocky. Freddie is actually a girl (short for Frederica) and rocky is a little boy. I mainly blog about Ella, but I also write about style, fitness, cooking and our family life....more

How to Get Children to Eat Veggies

One way in which the Mister and I have been fortunate as parents is our son's eating habits. He eats most things he is given (veggies too) without a fight. I don't have to make a separate meal to get him to eat. What we eat, he eats. However, as good as he is about food, there are a few foods which he occasionally resists (peas, for example). Here are a few tips that I've learned along the way to getting your child to eat veggies or any other foods:...more

Ready For The World

Austin will be a year old on Wednesday....more