Why Every Birthday Wrecks Me

    Two days ago, my youngest child turned one. I never thought I'd be the mom who cried on my daughter's birthday, but there were a lot of things I never would have imagined doing, before....more

Advice from One New Mom to Another

My daughter Emily is ten weeks old today, and I’m finally starting to feel less like a “new” mother.  I’m getting into a groove with motherhood and every day is a little bit easier.  Sunday I went to a friend’s baby shower and everyone who attended had the opportunity to write down some “new mom advice” for the mom-to-be.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write, but several things came to mind.  As a new mom myself, I felt like I could offer some pretty profound advice.  The concept of “new” motherhood is still so fresh in my mind.  I finally sett...more

When A Bad Week Brings Out Your Worst Self

"You doing any better?" he asked. I finished doing up the last button on my winter coat {Did you get that? Winter coat? It's April!} and cinched the belt tight at my waist. I tried to smile. I tried to give a nice 'it's all good' but all I could muster was a grimace and a weak shake of my head. "I'm miserable!" "How do you deal with it?" "What? A crap week?" He nodded. "I cry," I said....more
goodnessmadness Yeah...they can't all be perfect. And why is it that everything has to go wrong ...more

My Child's Friend Is Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My daughter has a neighborhood friend who is very sweet but never stops talking. When she is at our house, she is constantly asking me a million questions and it makes me insane. My daughter loves her and always wants to have her over, but I seriously can't handle it. What should I do?  Signed, Not So Crazy About Chatty Cathy ...more
I wonder if the child is simply compensating for what she isn't getting at home.. Just a thought..more

Discipline Cheat Sheet: A Sweet Little Life Parody

Remember that discipline cheat sheet that was making the rounds on a few parenting websites a couple weeks back? Ah, come on. You remember it. It was the one that made you blow liquid out of your nose as you guffawed with the sheer, breathless audacity of it. Still not ringing a bell? Okay, here it is.Discipline Cheat Sheet as featured on HuffPost Parents...more

Three-eyed Three Year Old Monster


I have been on a quest to find information on kids that are not phased by consequences....more

Why I’m Keeping My Kids Out of My Politics

“Did they just say Donald Trump?” My four-year-old asked as the radio played in the background.  “I hate that guy!” Kat Rutkin and her son I stifled a burst of laughter. “He gets it!”  I gleefully thought. I was probably grinning a little. But at the same time, my stomach sank. “I’ve got a budding little pundit on my hands,” I thought. “So wait a minute. Why am I sad?” ...more
My teens are fascinated with this electoral race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. My house is ...more

My Descent into Sub-Par Parenting

After my first child, I was the perfect mom. I loved him so much! That love was expressed through my desire to do everything in my power to make sure he was taken care of in all the right ways. I also felt like, because I was a young single mother,  I had something to prove. I went the extra mile for my son as much as possible....more