Why Millennials Aren't Moving Away From Home

According to a new Pew Research report, millennials aren’t buying houses or starting their own households, and society is shocked! They’re scandalized that even with millennial unemployment dropping to 7.7 percent, 26 percent of millennials are still living with their parents—a 2 percent increase since the height of the Great Recession in 2010....more

8 Weird Things You Say and Do When You're Crazy About Your Baby

So you had a baby. And suddenly, you're acting silly all the time. Behaving in ways even you can't believe, and making those you around you feel slightly uncomfortable.Here are eight strange things you say and do when you're smitten with your new son or daughter:...more

8 Reasons Why I Miss Having a Toddler (Seriously)

Whether you are a mom, dad, step-parent or loved one who rides the roller-coaster called Parenting a Toddler, you already know it can be demanding. Yes, time flies and these moments will be gone in a blink of an eye, but trying to cherish the "now" -- especially mid meltdown in the cereal aisle -- isn't always easy. ...more
I miss grocery shopping with my daughter. I know how insane that sounds! I miss discussing what ...more

My Closet is Never Empty


2 Weddings... One month – Hard things to do...

2 Weddings......more

My Children Are Not Intruders

Growing up as a child, my mother taught me many things. She taught me to be independent, persistent and kind. Everything I am is because of what I learned from her. As much as I don't want to admit it sometimes, our personalities are very similar.Our features are even the same. We look exactly alike except for one thing. She is fair skinned and often mistaken as white. My brother, looks like her too, only with blue eyes and blonde hair. And then there's me. The dark one of the family....more
Wow, this is so eloquent. Thank you for sharing.more

Face to Face or Facebook?

What kind of a world do we live in? Is it as bad as it seems?...more

Growing Up

My daughter made me a grandmother today. (No, not really she’s only 4!) But she sat her father and me down and put on a story for us. She detailed how she met a boy named Manny Doso (imaginary) with white eyes and black skin. She proclaimed he was her one true love and they were getting married. She gave him a kiss and instantly they became husband and wife. A second later my daughter grabs a little doll; puts her behind her back as she juts her tummy out. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “I am having a baby because we’re married”....more

Dealing with that stubborn parent

My parents are relatively young. They had my brother and me in their early 20s, and I am fortunate that they are both in good health and should be with me for many more years. Some of my friends, however, are later-in-life children. I hear the guilt/sorrow/frustration in their voices as they discuss their parents. One of the topics that comes up the most often is when they have a parent that doesn't want to change their routines. ...more

Medicate Me Now

Last spring, I took a brand new writing class on Monday nights. One of the topics we covered was the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist.Come on, you say. Don't you already know the difference? Shouldn't you know the difference, if you claim to be a writer?Well, yes and no. Most of us know what those terms mean. Protagonist = the main character of the story, the one involved in the conflict. Antagonist = the character who opposes the protagonist....more