Face to Face or Facebook?

What kind of a world do we live in? Is it as bad as it seems?...more

Growing Up

My daughter made me a grandmother today. (No, not really she’s only 4!) But she sat her father and me down and put on a story for us. She detailed how she met a boy named Manny Doso (imaginary) with white eyes and black skin. She proclaimed he was her one true love and they were getting married. She gave him a kiss and instantly they became husband and wife. A second later my daughter grabs a little doll; puts her behind her back as she juts her tummy out. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “I am having a baby because we’re married”....more

Dealing with that stubborn parent

My parents are relatively young. They had my brother and me in their early 20s, and I am fortunate that they are both in good health and should be with me for many more years. Some of my friends, however, are later-in-life children. I hear the guilt/sorrow/frustration in their voices as they discuss their parents. One of the topics that comes up the most often is when they have a parent that doesn't want to change their routines. ...more

Medicate Me Now

Last spring, I took a brand new writing class on Monday nights. One of the topics we covered was the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist.Come on, you say. Don't you already know the difference? Shouldn't you know the difference, if you claim to be a writer?Well, yes and no. Most of us know what those terms mean. Protagonist = the main character of the story, the one involved in the conflict. Antagonist = the character who opposes the protagonist....more

seven bad habits that will not make you friends

Originally posted on KalySullivan.com I haven't met a mom yet that isn't on the lookout for friends. Parenting can be a lonely, solitary endeavor and sometimes you just need to connect with other parents. But sometimes, we are so bad at making a connection. We want, we crave, the connection and it just doesn't come. I blame these seven habits. ...more


My father enjoys sitting in the dark.Sometimes he sits outside, but mostly he sits in the little TV and computer room that my parents made out of one of the spare bedrooms.  It may be late at night, but he keeps all the lights off.  I may see the glow of the television as I walk by; aside from the news shows, my Dad likes watching serials and movies about murders and gangsters and investigations, the bloodier the better.  The ones where the wife kills the husband (or vice-versa) seem to be his favorite....more

Attitude of gratitude: Thankful for my parents

I’ve been talking about an attitude of gratitude this month, focusing on the blessings in my life. From trials, to God’s protection, there is good to be found in everything....more

Wait. A. Minute.

My parents were young when I was born - 20 and 22.  My dad, in particular, looks decades younger than he is, and my sister and and I were fortunate to inherit those genes. I am now 41, and have no children.  I still feel like I just recently graduated from high school, and I think maybe not having kids allows me to maintain my youthful outlook.  I have never had to be responsible for someone's life and learning, their mature foothold on the world, telling them what to do and teaching them right from wrong. ...more

Tips for POTS {Parents of Twins}

The day is finally here when you make your appointment to confirm your pregnancy. Depending on your particular situation, you either have another follow up visit because your HCG levels are a bit higher than a normal singleton pregnancy or you simply have a normal visit and you learn you are not having one baby but TWO. Imagine the surprise when you digest the fact that you will be planning to have almost two of everything. ...more

you don't have to listen to kiddie music

Originally posted on KalySullivan.com It took me a few years of Laurie Berkner on repeat being pushed to the very edge of insanity to come to the realization that just because you have kids doesn't mean that you have to listen to crappy kids' music. ...more