A Closer Look At Your Child's School


17 truths about the childfree

Note: This blog post first appeared at the website SylviaDLucas.com, where I write about childfree topics under the name Sylvia D. Lucas....more
@Rita Arens True, Rita, that one only knows one's own experience. I don't deny (nor should ...more

Lessons our parents don't teach us

When I was about twelve years old I went on a sleep over to my best friend's house and learned a shocking fact about my parents. My friend, her name was Luz, was an only child. We became close when her parents separated and I served as her crying shoulder. I used to try to make her feel better by explaining how a divorce may be healthier. But I was simply projecting upon the problems of my own parents. See, their relationship was so unhealthy I learned to hate being home....more

My Mother Has Cancer and I Don't Know How to Feel

In the middle of March of this year, I got a Facetime phone call from my mother. I had a feeling it was going to bad news for two reasons: 1. It was late in the evening in California, which meant it was very late in Eastern Canada, where she was calling from. 2. I hadn't spoken to her for a little over a year....more
@wdolderer Thank you...I'm sorry to hear of your loss, too.  Making peace with the past is the ...more

Your Parents Come To You For Relationship Advice Now?

Self-proclaimed “relationship experts” almost always get a side-eye from me. When they’re not writing books educating women on how to successfully attract men, they’re on Twitter and other social media making patriarchal blanket statements about behaviors that will or won’t land you your perfect mate. It’s safe to say that I take the “relationship expert” title with a grain of salt, but recently I’ve realized: I’m becoming one of them – but with a twist. ...more
My (divorced) parents have asked for my advice in a not-obvious way and I gave my opinion ...more

Still Recovering From My Childhood Part One

Being raised by my parents was mostly a good thing, but it has also left me mentally scarred for life. Here is one of the reasons why:...more

My child's psychiatrist prescribed ME Ativan!

About 6 months ago I couldn't understand why I hadn't been coping well with my daughter's TS, OCD or ADD. I was always comparing myself to other moms, and wondering why I found motherhood so difficult. My brain told me that I may have more issues to deal with, but my mind told me I was inadequate regardless....more

You Can Never Go Home Again

This weekend, I made the hour long trek to my parent’s house. It is the third time I have seen them in two year and the first time with out the protection of my children. I know, even though my parents don’t particularly like children, the kid and the baby provide a kind of buffer in the conversation between us. Without them,… I just can’t take it....more

When Your Kids Don't Get As Many Presents As Their Cousins

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My family will be spending this Christmas Day with my sisters and their families. We all sit around the tree and take turns opening presents. It's a lot of fun, except for the fact that my husband and I stick to a budget with our two daughters and my sisters don't with their kids. Meaning, my kids usually get 1/2 of the presents that their cousins do. Last year this meant a lot of tears from my kids....more
It is sad to have to stress over this stuff.  Speak to the chidren beforehand.  Really, if it ...more