Don't Be the Judge

by Lianne Castelino We all do it.  It happens all the time.  It is just so wrong. Yesterday, I had the honour of meeting a family who encounters this wrong on a regular basis.  A wrong that is akin to a stake to the heart and hard slap to the face -- every single time. ...more

Is That You, Dad?

"Hi! It's Dad," said the warm, senior voice on the other end of the line.And just for a tiny second, I pretended that he really was my dad, just calling to check in and say hi.  What a sweetheart, I thought; he sounded really glad to hear my voice. Maybe he wanted to make dinner plans or ask me how I was doing during these last few days of the school year.  Maybe he was just calling to tell me he loved me, or to ask what I've been up to lately.  ...more
@victorias_view My stepmother deleted everything the day after Dad died. I'd be only to happy to ...more

All Alone (Part 1)

It's storming outside tonight. Again.I'm craving sunshine. Yes. This rain-loving, born-in-San-Diegan wants warmth from the sun and natural, bright light.But, it is still May. One more day anyhow. And another shower can't be bad for the rainforest that surrounds us here. So, I'll just write about last night. When it wasn't raining. When it was surprisingly cold out and the sun was setting beyond the forest's edge.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~...more

Toy Packaging Be Damned!

I often dread buying my children new toys.  This is especially true around Christmas when Santa is nice enough to deliver all the toys on the huge wish list that each of them so diligently and enthusiastically wrote up.  As I get ready to open the toys, I remind myself to take the proverbial chill pill,  and I try to focus on the happiness my kids will feel when they finally get to touch their new toys....more

Hiding the Truth

As I take a walk with my grandson, Charlie, I marvel at how observant he is – how he watches everything from every angle while held back by the straps of his stroller – how he strains to look backward to see the car that just passed, or how he bends over the metal bar to look at the flowers next to him. I think of how lucky he is – how lucky both of my grandsons are – nothing in their development has been called out for examination. They are healthy boys....more

Home Again, Home Again

Home again is exactly where Daddy is as of today.  We had a meeting on Monday with social services and physical therapists at the nursing home and a multitude of doctors appointments last week.  They all were a bit apprehensive about the prospects of Daddy going home but that man is stubborn as an old goat.  We three siblings have been burning up the phone talking and hashing out all the possibilities of how this is going to work, a 75 year old man on his own without a hip.  I've lost sleep and probably gained a lot more gray hair with it all.  So many variables and...more

Suicide- A Young Girl Kills Herself

Thank you for sharing about this documentary and calling attention to this issue. I'm so proud ...more

It's Been A Year

Well, not really but it sure feels like it here.  My last post was Monday and that has got to be the longest I have gone between posts.  Feels kind of weird like I'm breaking a habit or "addiction".  This past week has brought tons of doctor appointments, time with Daddy and time with our youngest that has come home for a visit.  This girl, me, has been incredibly busy this week.  A drove all the way from California, by herself and made it here safely.  Sadly she is to venture back the same way on Sunday and so my stomach will be in knots again.  S...more

Banned From the Prom | High School Punishment

James Tate had a unique way to invite Sonali Rodrigues to the prom; he and his friends posted large letters to the wall at his high school entrance.  Romantic?  Fun?  Maybe.  Banned from the prom?  Yes. He received an in-school suspension for his antics. ...more

is where I have issue with the action taken. Suspension for hanging a sign seems out of line ...more