Banned From the Prom | High School Punishment

James Tate had a unique way to invite Sonali Rodrigues to the prom; he and his friends posted large letters to the wall at his high school entrance.  Romantic?  Fun?  Maybe.  Banned from the prom?  Yes. He received an in-school suspension for his antics. ...more

is where I have issue with the action taken. Suspension for hanging a sign seems out of line ...more

Freefalling: on motherhood, losing it all, and the legacy you leave behind

Whenever I travel, I have my routine. Preprint boarding pass. Get through security. If it’s a morning flight, a stop at Starbucks for an oatmeal and a grande skim latte. If it’s afternoon, off to feast on one of my favorite, airport-only guilty pleasures: a freshly baked aunt annie’s pretzel dog served piping hot with a side of yellow mustard. Next up, the newsstand for a gossip mag and a jumbo bottle of fiji water. Neatly pack my suitcase on the way in. Throw it all back in on the rush to get home....more

The Clarity of Grief

Though I think about my father every day, there are times that it seems overwhelming.  Today.  I was chatting with a good friend yesterday, one who lost his mother too many years ago, who understands.  I've come to rely on those who've been where I am a little more than I probably should.  Looking to them for confirmation that I haven't completely gone off the deep end and that with time it will get better.  There are things that I've still forced myself not to remember about those weeks.  Things that I will probably always force away fr...more

to lose a parent. It's never easy and it's normal to have those sad days. I hold many memories ...more

For the love of coffee

I had my first cup of coffee when I was probably 13. It was loaded with cream, and had more sugar than should be consumed in a 24 hour period. But it gave me a powerful surge of energy. And it was how I realized that I loved coffee. I experimented with my coffee palate some over my teen years....more

Thank you Denise!more

Whose Mother's Day Is It?

I don’t look forward to Mother’s Day the way I used to because I now feel it presents a few dilemmas –  not the least of which is the dilemma of the greeting card.  Here are my Mother’s Day greeting card questions and comments – feel free to join in: 1. Should we send my daughter and daughter-in-law Mother’s Day cards? I’ve always thought it sounded funny: Happy Mother’s Day, Daughter....more

Teach your children well, their father's hell did slowly go by…

Not too long ago, my husband, Marc, and I took a defensive driving class to save some money on our auto insurance.  We were dreading going, because we thought it would be long, tedious and boring.  Fortunately, the class was taught by a wonderful and lively man who made the class interesting, and the time just seemed to fly by, mostly because he used driving examples that had broader life implications.  For example, he asked the class if anyone has a child, niece, or nephew who is about to learn how to drive.  Numerous hands rose up in response. “Can I teach them...more

Why I stopped Watching the News

Bad News I used to watch the news on TV. Then, I moved on to reading the news online. And then I stopped altogether. I listen to Minnesota Public Radio for local breaking news. I check for weather updates. I see bits and pieces and links to news in tweets. And I read The Week magazine back to front for news from around the world. ...more

I rarely get a chance to watch the news and then when I do, I'm immediately reminded of why I ...more


I’m really happy that both of my children have given me grandsons – but not because I wouldn’t want granddaughters. I would surely love them just as fiercely (while secretly looking forward to having more shopping partners)....more

10 Reasons I'm Against Kids With Cell Phones (Don't be a sucker)


My husband and I lean towards you with cell phones. I have found myself thinking about getting a ...more