Whose Mother's Day Is It?

I don’t look forward to Mother’s Day the way I used to because I now feel it presents a few dilemmas –  not the least of which is the dilemma of the greeting card.  Here are my Mother’s Day greeting card questions and comments – feel free to join in: 1. Should we send my daughter and daughter-in-law Mother’s Day cards? I’ve always thought it sounded funny: Happy Mother’s Day, Daughter....more

Teach your children well, their father's hell did slowly go by…

Not too long ago, my husband, Marc, and I took a defensive driving class to save some money on our auto insurance.  We were dreading going, because we thought it would be long, tedious and boring.  Fortunately, the class was taught by a wonderful and lively man who made the class interesting, and the time just seemed to fly by, mostly because he used driving examples that had broader life implications.  For example, he asked the class if anyone has a child, niece, or nephew who is about to learn how to drive.  Numerous hands rose up in response. “Can I teach them...more

Why I stopped Watching the News

Bad News I used to watch the news on TV. Then, I moved on to reading the news online. And then I stopped altogether. I listen to Minnesota Public Radio for local breaking news. I check weather.com for weather updates. I see bits and pieces and links to news in tweets. And I read The Week magazine back to front for news from around the world. ...more

I rarely get a chance to watch the news and then when I do, I'm immediately reminded of why I ...more


I’m really happy that both of my children have given me grandsons – but not because I wouldn’t want granddaughters. I would surely love them just as fiercely (while secretly looking forward to having more shopping partners)....more

10 Reasons I'm Against Kids With Cell Phones (Don't be a sucker)


My husband and I lean towards you with cell phones. I have found myself thinking about getting a ...more

The Keys to Child Care Success: Laws Regarding Licensing, Facility & Staff Requirements

Best Choices Would you go to a dentist who had a revoked license?...more

Rushing it

Time passes slowly when you are young and waiting to grow up.  For those in the AARP group, time can’t pass slowly enough.  That’s why I believe parents should relax and enjoy their children’s milestones as they are reached, rather than making them rush to reach those milestones or spend time worrying about them. Sometimes, though, when new parents meet up with other new parents, “shortcomings” in their children’s accomplishments are noted silently as the afflicted parent tries to remedy the “problem” quickly....more

Laying Down the Law: House Rules

Follower of the Law In general, I follow laws....more

(STUDY) Findings on Sport Moms and Sport Daughters

So it didn't surprise us that moms were much more likely to be with kids when they visited the doctor for a youth sports injuries. What did surprise us is how many dads were present as well. Out of 989 office visits, dads were at the appointment 44.7% of the time. However, dads are significantly more likely to be at an appointment if it is their son who is injured, irrespective even of a child's age. ...more

What's worth noting as well that a mom was at the office visit for the sports injury (regardless ...more

Nursing Home?

I woke this morning at the usual 5 am for workout but I think I should have gone back to bed after I stopped the toilet up.  That should have been the first clue that I needed to RUN, run far away from my life.  After my usual 3 miles on the treadmill I was back to get ready for the day.  I had to meet my cousin at Daddy's house so she could clean the dreaded germs away.  I left her doing her thing and then was on the hunt for a skilled nursing facility for Daddy by the end of the week.  If you have never done this for a parent, get ready.  It is a reality for ...more