Should Teachers Teach Common Everyday Manners? Isn't That A Parents Job?

It Takes A Village By Stephanie Trees I love children – mine, my nieces and nephews, cousins, students, kids in the park, at the grocery store. I just love them. I love the innocence they have and the sometimes not so innocent way they navigate themselves through their lives. I am a teacher by trade so I guess you can say that it is in my nature to like being around them otherwise what kind of teacher would I be? What kind would any of us be? Because we are all teachers. Mothers and fathers are the first teachers that children have....more

Guest Post: Your Financial Big Picture: Why Estate Planning is an Investment in Your Family's Future

Background Information I recently noticed this post shared by Danielle G. Van Ess on her Facebook page....more

Calling all the moms - to give our children the best possible life, we must first live ourselves!

Since I can remember I've always wanted to create. Illustrate, write, dance......more

Are you stoned, or just multitasking?

It’s a much studied fact that too much multitasking has the same effect on our I.Q. as a bong hit. It makes us stupid....more

Want a Feminist Son? Tips From a Veteran

Someone asked me how we raised feminist sons. I don’t have a checklist. And if I were to respond seriously, I’d start with something really corny: teach them to respect people – all people. The elevator man. The bus driver. Their best friend’s mom. The guy at the candy counter. Their friends. Their parents’ friends. Their baby sitter. They were Manhattan kids, but they were raised to think of the feelings of every person they met. Of course, that meant all women, too. That was an advantage. ...more

I agree about respecting all people.

I'd take it a bit further, too, to not making ...more

Introducing Public School to Social Media

I'm on my way to a PTSA meeting to passionately discuss my obsession with bringing PTSA Parent Teacher Collaboration online:I’m working on an ebook at: “” to describe how to create a site like this for your school covering the following: 1.) Why would we want a website? -Increase overall parent involvement (especially parents that aren’t able attend meetings) -Increase fundraising opportunities across the school...more

The full circle of author and readers

Beverly Pechin wrote for Reader Views of my book Soul Moments: Times When Heaven Touches Earth (07/06):...more

For the Love of Books: How and Why Books Get Challenged & Banned Part I

A Salve for the Soul Books soothe my soul....more

Books On Hold: Guest Post Substitution; Book Burning Tomorrow

At the beginning of each January, I always think about my reading plan for the new year. I like to set reading goals along with other goals for the year....more

And the Third Runner up is….

Leaving  Children Unattended in a Vehicle This third most read post based on traffic from search engines is...more