Shopping With Teenage Girls

Ah, the wicked delight I experienced every time my oldest three daughters took their younger sisters shopping for a dress for a special occasion like a grade eight or twelve graduation. grade eight or twelve graduation. After a particular stressful shopping trip, they stumble through the door, complaining about their hard to please sibling....more
a loonnggg time.  more

Don't Try so Hard; You'll Just Get in His Way

People say that children are like sponges; they absorb values, attitudes, culture and spirituality simply through osmosis.  It is not simply a question of  parent's actions speaking louder than  their words; it goes much deeper than that. Both my husband and I were often unaware of the deep spirituality that flowed from our children  to us as well as from us as parents to our offspring. ...more
@HomeRearedChef yes, all glory to HIM. What a relief to say those words because the work is all ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You ? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century Tate Publishing 2012 , Amazon This caught my attention! Child in the news, sang his address for 911 operator... This is how I recommend you teach toddlers, preschoolers to memorize a favored number or address, use a known tune with your rhymed word to make a safety song. My grandson uses his Dad's cell number, the number ends in a one, so we ended the song with" that's my Daddy I'm his son!" Try it, let me know how it works! ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? Say No, Go, and Tell! by Author MelindaTripp What safe kids do. The plan, deceptively simple, will change and grow with your child. Say No!  No to tricks, No, to bad behavior, bullying, bad choices........ GO!...more

Children's Music That Even Parents Will Love

This is a guest post by Niko Johnstone. Niko is a writer and recording engineer from Portland, Maine....more

Everyone Keep Your Pants On. Please.

A follow up to my Guess Who's Coming To Dinner post. ...more

A Beginners Rant.

I am starting to write a blog to blow off steam, or maybe to unleash all the crazy inside my head. Either way isn't it the same thing?Not really writing for anyone in particular. Just like an online diary.I write in drabbles like I'm reciting facts of definitions. It's easier to write. Ideas just run off the top of my head onto the screen. Beautiful....more

A Mother, Father and Child Reunion

I am a child of divorce. Of course since I was 4 when my parents divorced, I don’t remember much about their divorce or their marriage but I do remember bits and pieces of the aftermath. I remember the shuttling back and forth between homes – or rather states since my Dad lived in Texas...more
What an amazing story! I too have a "biological father" and a "step" father. Lots and lots of ...more

The Things You Find When You’re Not Paying Attention

I’ve spent a lot of time this week playing around with this site. You probably don’t know this, but this blog was started way back in 2003 when the youngest Hen was born.  You see, at that time, we were...more

Living Grief (and Love) During The Holidays

I took the helm of all the elaborate Christmas dinner planning and cooking in 2010, when my mother finally admitted she wasn't able to stand as long as all that festivity required. We opened a bottle of Dom Perignon to toast my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, which they'd celebrated just 9 days before. A landmark, a lifetime together. That was my brother's and my last Christmas with our parents. Sudden and cruel illnesses took them over and took them away in the six months that followed. And so last year my brothers and I faced our final Christmas at their home, before we packed everything our parents had lovingly collected over the years into an armada of boxes and sent them off to be auctioned away to strangers. ...more
Beautiful post, Stacy, and a beautiful tree, too. I think this is part of what Christmas ...more