Three ways to throw a party for less than $50

My oldest daughter just celebrated her third birthday.In the months leading up to it, she kept talking about having a butterfly party. Since she’s so cute, I had to oblige.I also had to find a way to do it on the cheap. I love a good challenge and I love saving money....more

Host a Delicious Party- Even If You Can't Cook

Is it your turn to host a girl’s night, book club, Sunday Funday or crazy house party?  Are you intimidated to do so because you may not be a whiz in the kitchen OR just don’t have the time to figure out a menu and make everything?  Don’t fret, even the most timid and busy chefs can impress their guests with delicious and tasty fare. ...more

Halloween Snack Roundup

Happy Halloween!I don’t know how you all plan to celebrate, but we’re having a couple friends over to play games. Board or video, I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see how every one feels!...more

What is Your Weekend Attire?

 Are you getting ready for a busy weekend?  Well, it’s Friday.. Are you headed out to a theme party?HA.. HA..  Please tell me they do exist!  I ran into David Tutera this past summer. Shhh.. I asked myself that same question, David Tutera..  Doesn’t ring a bell.  The gal said, “Oh you know ‘My Fair Wedding Planner'”.  Oh yeah, silly me!  hmm.  I said, yes I would love to ask him a tricky, entertaining question.“Why is it so hard so get people to dress up for a theme party?”  ...more

Dinner party decor inspired by "The Raven"

Happy Halloween!...more

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

As a former actress who still works in the theater, it's fair to say that I've always had a flair for the dramatic. Despite having a phobia of horror movies (or really, anything remotely scary), I've always loved Halloween because it's one of the very few times that it's acceptable for adults to play dress up! Pretty costumes, dramatic makeup, an aura of mystery, lots of glitter (and candy) sounds good to me!...more

Bruschetta Bar

Bruschetta Bar  By Amy “Foodie” S | Appetizers, Party Planning Let’s talk parties! ...more

DIY Paper Fan Craft - decor, party

As a result of flipping through a crafting magazine, I decided to make a paper fan accordion style! What I like about this diy craft is that it is easily customizable in color, pattern and size! It wasn't too difficult to make, especially after making the first one. I hope you try this for your next party....more

No archery in the pizza place-a crazy birthday story

My family and I celebrated my son's 3rd birthday at a pizza buffet yesterday. Tuesday is kid's night at this restraunt.  Since it was kid's night, they had cotton candy, snow cones, and a clown making balloon animals. The clown's rule was that all children needed to eat their dinners first.  After that, they needed to quietly raise their hand and the clown would come over and make them a balloon animal.  I thought this was a great system.  My kids ate really well and then quietly raised their hands. ...more