Ready for the Party?!?

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Get Ready to Be Jealous, Book Nerds.

Sorry for the late start today, but my body decided it hates me. I woke up to an excruciating pain in my head due to my stupid bone issues – but that’s another post for another day.Today, I’m here to discuss something much more awesome: Dead Authors....more

Friends' Xmas Party

Hmmmm, actually this was a tacky Christmas sweater party. As you can see I'm sans tacky sweater. I don't own one. Guess I'll need to make sure I hit up the Junior League thrift store next year when I take my fall quota in. I felt not so festive, but regardless, it was fun. We had great food, good laughs, and we played Catch Phrase. I think that's my new fave game. It's hilar the things people come up with to describe their word(s). :)...more

All In The Details: Top 8 Hosting Ideas Sure to Impress

Ever find that you are wondering how to put in that one special touch here and there that will set your event apart from others that you've hosted? It all really comes down to the details! You don't have to rent a horse to escort your guests into your party (a la Bridesmaids), just try one or a couple of these special touches....more
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Cheers to Ladies! Have a ladie's night this weekend!!

There’s something about a night with only your girlfriends that is uniquely fun.  A good girls night involves food, and for some of us, a drink of wine or two (J hehe).  After a night with my girlfriends, I always feel refreshed, and re-energized, pumped up once again to take on the world!  Something about the good talk, the bonding, and oh yes the eating and perhaps the drinking… ...more

Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas!

You blinked didn’t you? Guess what, Halloween is around the corner! It’s not too late to showcase your festive side with these easy party and décor ideas.Just thought of Hosting a Halloween Party and don’t know what to do?—it’s ok.....more

How to prepare for an event fabulously without all the stress..

This is one thing that I’ve tried hard to get down pat, and so I will share with you what I’ve learned throughout the years.   I’m sure so many other readers can identify with that feeling of anxiety as you’re running around with curlers still in your hair, undressed, plopping things in the oven, putting the milk back in the cupboard instead of the fridge, and stepping on your pets,  while making even more of a mess! All of this can be tempered, or even all together avoided.. with a little preparation and self love!...more

From "Have a Seat", to, "Help Yourself"; What is the right way to host?

One of the best hostesses I know in the world is my mom....more

Have a SCONE Party

Have you ever thought of having a scone party? Why not? They can be sweet or savory and enhanced with a variety of jams, butters of fresh fruit.Get your friends together, make a pitcher of mimosa, brew your favorite type of tea and get baking!...more

Happily Ever After