DIY Waterproof Pom-Poms for Outdoor Events

Hi!  I'm Mariel, author or 'Or so she says...' blog.  On my site you will find TONS of fun ideas for women, including recipes, crafts, parenting tips, and so much more.  One of my favorite things is that I share the blog with other women, so they can tell you about their best ideas too.  This waterproof pom-pom idea is from one of my regular contributors, Trish of Crafty Moods.  Enjoy it and stop by '...more

Genius solutions for your concert and party needs. But first, we make fun of Joyful Noise starring Dolly Parton.

Hello, Dear Readers!Yesterday my daughter had to get stitches in her leg because some kid at Chinese camp had broken glass in her backpack.  It wasn’t a malicious incident, but this just goes to remind everyone that even though children can do amazing feats like speak Chinese, solve tough math problems, and wow us with their expert navigation of television remote controls, sometimes they still think like little kids....more

A Sweet 4th of July Party

I'm a Texan at heart and Texas girls like themselves a themed party. And really, what's a better theme than 4th of July? ...more
Great ideas, especially that punch! What time should I come over?more

A Make-Ahead Party Perfect for Sunday Afternoon

My hubby recently started teaching Children's Church on Sundays at 9:00 am, and I've been helping him. This means we are often out the door by 8:30 am, and then we actually attend our own church service at 11 am. That means, we often don't get home until after 12:30 p.m. ...more

Yes, You Can Get HPV from a Loofah.

Recently, within hours of attending a small soiree at my home, my best friend and his boyfriend broke up. As his reason, the now ex-beau stated, “I just don’t fit in with those people. They’re so…interesting…so different…just not the type I feel comfortable with.”  I thought back over the conversations of the evening to deduce why he had come to this conclusion. “Yes, I have done my research and you can, indeed, get HPV from a loofah.”“All of the cephalopods are stupid smart.”...more

Pomegranate Rum Cooler

We made these for Christmas, but they will make a perfect New Year's Eve party drink.Make your own pomegranate simple syrup so there's no added junk in it and you have a clean, fresh taste that isn't too sweet. ...more

New Year's Eve: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails for Party Drinks

Blogger Michelle Palm started her Jelly Shot Test Kitchen blog in 2009 after perfecting the recipes for grown-up gelatin treats such as Champagne Cocktails, Cosmopolitans, Tequila Sunrises, Pink Squirrels, Mojitos, Gimlets, and Chocolate Martinis. Palm's book Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails-One Drink at a Time is a perfect recipe book for New Year's Eve party planning....more

Party, Party, Party

This morning starts the week of endless parties and stuff to do. Last week was pretty calm but this week, wow, we are busy. Tonight is the huge cocktail party with our bank at Southern Hills Country Club! I get to get duded-up tonight. Spray that hair, rouge those cheeks and lips! Tomorrow night is dinner with my dear high school bud S and I'm so looking forward to that one....more
Oh my, I'm tired reading this. I hope you cans squeeze a nap in there somewhere!more

My Birthday Party Fun

I am having so much fun at the moment setting up my new website, My Birthday Party....more