Passion Pasta and Pistols

As promised, here are the sordid details from the murder mystery party I recently attended.  I've left the murderer for you to sleuth out for yourselves.  So, put on your fedora and trench coat and prepare for some detective work.  Ready for a who-done-it mystery?     The mood was grim in La Speranza’s Italian restaurant as the grieving friends and family of Pepi Roni gathered to discuss his recent murder.  Pepi, the beloved owner of La Speranza had been shot in the back by his own pistol and all who had gathered at the res...more

Pressed Picnic Sandwiches

When I was in high school, I basically lived on sandwiches. They were much more basic than these pressed picnic sandwiches, but they were my favorite thing to eat - I would usually prefer to make myself a sandwich for dinner (or even breakfast) than have what my mom was making. I'm sure that this was frustrating beyond belief, but my mom always kept our fridge stocked with plenty of cold cuts and cheeses so that I could make my beloved sandwiches. ...more

These are so sweet! Panini, yes Italian for sandwiches are big around our house. Something so ...more

Girl's Night In

By Lisa Hughes Anderson - Guest Contributor Sometimes it takes getting away to come back to yourself again....more


I am 25 now.So that's something.I'll try not to question whether or not it counts as an accomplishment of any kind. Although some of my family members might find it amazing I haven't managed to get myself killed yet, since my lack of common sense means I make a lot of dubious decisions....more

Thanks! Your well wishes are well received :)more

Getting Closer to Book Release Time...Finally!

Remember the scene towards the end of the movie Julie and Julia where Julia Child is sitting in her kitchen holding her cookbook in her hands?...more

Pre-Oscar Party

Heading over to the Millers for Velveeta dip in the crockpot. Wearing Clearance shirt from Marshalls. Don't hate me. Allie

365 Days of Carol Anne (Learning to Love Myself)

Day 44...more

Super Bowl Sunday Without the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. This fact neither fills me with joy nor saddens me to the point of tears. In total and complete contrast with the estimated 109.7 million fans who viewed this year’s Super Bowl XLV, I view SBS as just another Sunday. However, this year was different. While I do not have any vehement objections to the sport of football, 2011 saw my proclivities running a bit askew with the majority of America’s. I wanted all of the trappings of the Super Bowl without the Super Bowl. To be more specific, I wanted the food and fun without having to watch The Big Game. What’s a woman to do?...more

Are You Ready for Some Football...Party Food? Tips & Advice for Throwing a Last Minute Super Bowl Party

So here we are, just days away from some Super Bowl Sunday, and you might still be on the fence about whether or not to throw a party. Are you too late?...more

Cheers to an Early spring & a Pomegranate Martini Recipe

 So have you heard? Puxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow this morning, which means an early spring!  Hooray!...more