A Radical Way To Grow Spiritually In A Relationship

As you walk a spiritual path, do you ever struggle in relationships with those who are not in the same place in their personal/spiritual evolution as you might be? In his online program Integral Enlightenment, spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton breaks relationships into three categories:1) Those who have no interest in your personal/spiritual evolution or their own...more

Defining Your Personal Wellness Path Step 3

Fantastic Advice! Loving all your posts so far can't wait for step 4.more

Preparing the Child for the Path (the pocket companion version)

Since my son was born I have known that I was preparing him for the world…preparing him to be independent and separate from me. I have been stretched a little bit more as a parent lately. Required to grow. Required to let go just a little bit more. Required to let him walk on.I am preparing my child for the path… not preparing the path for my child.I cannot pick-up every stone along the path so that he will not trip. I cannot smooth the bumps and fill the divots so that he does not stumble. I cannot push the boulders out of the way so that he will not fall....more

Follow the Red Brick Path

At my old home I had an ugly slab of cement for a walkway to the front door. It was alot of work to remove the concrete, so I hired a handyman for that.(The pot on top of the milkcan is a corn popper. It looked better in person.)...more

You Don't Realize What You Do To Me

Love heals, comforts and relieves. It can't be held back, negotiated or restricted....more

Small steps for a grand plan

Today I had one of those come-to-insert-higher-power-of-choice moments. It started as a slight scolding from someone who is looking out for me in more than one way (which I deserved), twisted and turned into "I've been where you are" stories, and ended on a positive, action-oriented note....more

Thank you! I absolutely will be blogging about it once I get back. I can't wait - I firmly ...more

Charting A New Path

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I realize just what a powerful statement that is now.  I will no longer be dragged down by the past or allow myself to wallow in its misery.  It is time for me to spread my wings and fly.  And I'm making my own path.  I'm going my own way.  The way I was destined to go.  I will look to those who inspire me and encourage me as guides to point me in the right direction and warn me of possible pitfalls.  But I will go alone.  From this day on, I will start and end each day with meaningful purpose....more


"Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now." ~Jonatan Mårtensson...more

Hold The Sarcasm

 How can I support you arriving at a solution?   Risa is a transition coach who helps women design and achieve positive financial and personal goals.  Visit - ...more

Synchronicity...Mondays Solved!

Mondays around my house begin in a rushed panic. Alarm clocks blaring, family forehead collisions, makeup mishaps that require more than a cotton swab to erase, that's Monday. Today, the curse has been broken. This morning begins in synchronicity! That's not to say that we all synchronized our watches in preparation for a heist. It's more like I've synchronized my personal rhythm with that of the Universe. Whoah, a little too heavy for a Monday. Allow me to rephrase. Synchronicity is basically the higher power's way of saying, "Great job! Keep going this way." ...more