When Mommy needs a time out

Sometimes my son pushes me over the edge. It's part of his growing up - he pushes his boundaries and learns the consequences of disrespect. My patience level - like all parents - varies. There are days when I can shake it off, and then there are days when I yell....more

Oh, Those Seasons for Learning

Ice on the North Fortk...more

The Bacon Lesson: How Bacon Taught Me Patience

On our first morning living together in our brand new apartment, I decided to demonstrate my incredible cooking skills by bringing my husband a delicious breakfast in bed. I had bacon, eggs, toast, and orange juice all ready to go....more

TRUST IN __________

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin captures an important aspect of faith in these lines from a prayer.Breathing in: Trust in Breathing out: the slow work of God....more

Dear Huffing and Puffing Grocery Shopper,

Dear Huffing and Puffing Grocery Shopper,I see you. You hate grocery shopping and are in a rush. You're pushing your cart as fast as you can and the tiny aisles are crowded. You just want to get in and get out of here, just like every one else. You probably got off of work early and thought that coming in the middle of the afternoon would grant you a breezy shopping experience. Well, I'm sorry that isn't working out for you....more

Patience Is a Virtue - Especially When It Comes to Other People's Children

 SourceI am writing this post on a day off from work on a spring afternoon when my doors and windows are open to take in the fresh air and enjoy the bliss of a free day all to myself.  I don’t get to do this very often so when I do get to just relax for a day, I soak it up and just try to relax.  This is heaven.  Pure heaven.  Until the neighbors open their doors and let their pre-teen kids out and all I can hear is them screaming at the top of their lungs as they slide down a slide into their pool – the kids AND their mother.  I can only take it for so long and I shut the house up and enjoy the rest of the day by letting the light of the sun stream through my windows and I am thankful that today it is not too hot....more


None of us enjoy being kept waiting. My mother use to say, "good things come to those who wait."  That may be true sometimes. For me, waiting is not so easy. Whether something good comes from it or not. While waiting in traffic, yet again, I was thinking about how much time is wasted in my day having to sit here just to get to my destination. Of course, when the wheels began to turn in my head, I realized there are many things I do not like to wait for. Let me share with you what went through my mind. I bet you don't like to wait for a few of these things either:...more

Bring It On, Mama

I've been a parent longer than most of you have been alive.  Here are a few observations I have made over these years.  Many of you won't like these, but time and experience and a couple of awesome grown-up babies of my own and a few thousand kids belonging to other people in my career have convinced me that these few simple rules are good ones. Please pay attention, for I speak truth....more
So many times I have wanted to say this to people! You go girlfriend!more

As Long As It Takes

 Photo Left: © Michael Moore Sicko...more