Goodbye. Love you.

People move on...more
My goodness, I can so relate to how you feel and my family have lived within driving distance my ...more

Peace is Power...own it!

Funny, this week the word PEACE was presented and it led me to the butterfly’s and their proboscis. No longer are they chomping, instead they are sipping in the nectar of life.© Brenda Stevens...more


Mt. 11:28-30I spent the past two days with a group from St. Luke's at church camp, tonight I served 80 people food; in all of this I realize I am who I am, and what I am because this is where God had lead me--Thomas Merton once said: "There is only oned way to peace--be reconciled that of yourself you are what you are and it might not be that magnificient what you are; Gode has his own plan for making something else of you and it is a plan which ou re mostly dumb to understand." I am who I am because this is where God has lead me, and I am content....more


 When have I known Peace?     As a child, the first time I sat on a swing and pushed myself off into space.          Peace came at me as freedom, wind ruffling my skirts, my hair, my cares.  It mattered not that I was hungry, or lonely, or sad, only that I could feel the rush of nothingness as I swung back and forth. I was four years old and I finally knew what Peace could feel like, and it felt like freedom. When have I known Peace?...more

An Ugly Brown Log

Years ago, I began researching lilies for my backyard pond. I discovered they can only be ordered at a certain time of year and I had to wait nine months to try again. I flagged the website and marked my calendar.With shipping, the cost of my order was $50.00. I was so excited and checked the post office daily. The package finally arrived and inside a small 6 X 4 inch box, wrapped in plastic was my treasure. It was actually quite funny because my anticipated gem was a 4 inch log.My hubby peered over my shoulder with a look of disgust. “What did you pay for it?”...more
Oh, Suzie, how does your garden grow? With love and care, patience and imagination. Your water ...more

Things I Am Learning About Peace

I have had problems with stress, depression and anxiety since forever. I can remember struggling with insomnia as young as five years old and I never understood what it meant to have peace. My heart was always pounding, my tummy full of butterflies and in any situation, I have always jumped to the worst possible, most irrationally insane conclusion. I just wanted to share a few of the things that I have learned (and am still learning) to put into practice to deal with this. ...more

Big Apple of Ambition

Recently, I friended an old high school acquaintance on facebook who turns out to be a creative director in an amazing ad agency in New York City.  Like Don Draper status with Emmy-winning commercials and fancy ties.  I looked down at myself, sloppy and tired, brushing the cookie crumbs off my pants.Is this really where I wanted to end up?  Is this the woman I thought I’d be?...more

Grab Your Tap Shoes

We were standing in the kitchen with the girls running laps and shrieking at the top of their lungs, the dog in hot pursuit, when I realized that if dinner wasn’t done in 30 minutes, the catastrophic domino effect would begin—bedtime would be so late that it would box out story time, which would squelch the chance of making lunches ahead of time unless I pushed my own bedtime later. Then just as I burned my hand on the edge of the burner another request came in. I couldn’t understand it so much as I felt it pelting against me as she repeated it....more

pioneer daydreams

I often daydream that someone from the pioneer days transported through time and landing in our modern culture.   One random Tuesday, they were strapped to the plow, or making hotcakes, or shucking peas, and the very next minute they are sitting in the front seat of my Chevrolet Tahoe, next to gum wrappers and sippy cups, confused and bewildered that we are whizzing down a paved road at sixty miles an hour. ...more

Living Your Best Life

I am the last one who should ever judge society for its celebrity-obsessed culture.  For only reading at a fifth-grade level.  For listening to mind-numbing pop music and watching sitcoms about grown men acting like children.  After all, our generation is moving at such a mind-numbing pace with all that facebooking and making little pinterest cupcakes in the shape of spiders.  Why make it any harder by struggling through War and Peace, with all those long sentences and foreign vocabulary words?...more