pioneer daydreams

I often daydream that someone from the pioneer days transported through time and landing in our modern culture.   One random Tuesday, they were strapped to the plow, or making hotcakes, or shucking peas, and the very next minute they are sitting in the front seat of my Chevrolet Tahoe, next to gum wrappers and sippy cups, confused and bewildered that we are whizzing down a paved road at sixty miles an hour. ...more

Living Your Best Life

I am the last one who should ever judge society for its celebrity-obsessed culture.  For only reading at a fifth-grade level.  For listening to mind-numbing pop music and watching sitcoms about grown men acting like children.  After all, our generation is moving at such a mind-numbing pace with all that facebooking and making little pinterest cupcakes in the shape of spiders.  Why make it any harder by struggling through War and Peace, with all those long sentences and foreign vocabulary words?...more

Why I love religious people without being religious

There are a lot of different opinions about religions and how they affect people. Opinions that may or may not be biased (but probably are, since everyone experiences some level of religious affectations in their daily lives). Opinions that may or may not cause hateful words, or loving words. Sharing or isolating. It is certainly a divisive topic. Personally, I am not religious. I would probably classify myself as spiritual (spiritual agnostic is my favourite term)....more

Little Raft of Happiness

This morning we made pancakes. It wasn't really morning, it was one of those days where the morning stretches into the afternoon. We slept in, cuddling and having long meaningful conversations with the cats while they purred. Then we sipped espresso and listened to the rain....more

Peace Begins at Home

Dr. Romance writes: This is often called the Season of Peace, as in "Peace on Earth; Good Will to Men." Yet there is so much unrest in the world today: we are still in at least two wars, terrorism seems to be endemic worldwide, and domestic violence and hatred still dominate the news. Today's world needs more people living peace. While it's easy to talk about, living peace isn't so easy to do.  It requires learning to wage peace in our own lives.  "We teach best what we most need to learn," writes Richard Bach in Illusions....more


"On that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book; And out of the gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see" Isa....more

Lego Tears

As I toiled in the laundry room chained to the dryer attempting to match the pile of socks that were growing by the minute. My littlest came running down the stairs in tears. His heart once again broken someone had smashed his newest Lego creation to pieces. I held him tight and told him it would be okay. It is with that I stopped what I was doing held his hand and we walked up the stairs to pick up the crumbling pieces on the floor. I looked at him with a smile, "Lets try to rebuild it!" He gave me a sad look, "I can't! It took me hours!"" "Well! What was it that you made?" ...more
@Reda I'm glad you found peace and the path that was best for you. Sometimes we don't always ...more

Life lessons from castor beans and falling leaves

 The leaves are coming off so fast now.  They deposit a yellow carpet on the ground beneath our maples that turns brown in a day or two. My impatiens have been bit by frost and look devastated.  Ditto the castor bean plants planted at the edge of the garden that were supposed to repel moles.  They stood strong and vigorous just a few short days ago....more

Snow 'n Tell

It’s snowing…  big beautiful snowflakes drifting to the ground like white feathers.  I’d take a picture but I’ve found it’s nearly impossible to capture snow with my camera.  So just close your eyes and picture it.  Outside my window there are huge spruce trees mixed with a few paper white birch and they are dusted in what looks like powdered sugar.  The sky is a whitish grey and the air is heavy with quiet peace.  Sitting inside on my comfy couch with my cup of tea I feel like I have my very own big screen snow globe that just got a good shaking.  It...more

Afghanistan's Secret Weapon: Women, War & Peace

On Friday, President Obama announced that all American troops would leave Iraq by year's end. Newspapers and broadcasts--to say nothing of Facebook and Twitter--hummed with the news....more