7 Things To Know About Perimenopause (AKA Why I'm Crying/Yelling/Bleeding Everywhere)

I’m not mourning the possible loss of fertility. I’m mostly just waiting to see what happens next, like some sort of hormonal roulette. Content notice: pregnancy, birth, graphic description of menstruation.When I was in fourth grade, I wore a size 28AAA bra.AAA is not a size. It’s just a nice way saying “you have literally zero breast tissue.”...more

Do You Need Contraception After 40?

It always comes as news to my forty-something patients that they can still get pregnant. Of course, I am not saying that a midlife pregnancy is an easy feat to accomplish. But it definitely happens with more frequency than you realize. In fact, statistically speaking, when it comes to unintended pregnancies, the perimenopausal crowd is right behind those young and fertile teenagers. The reason for this is simple. Midlife women think they are too old to get pregnant, so they do not use contraception....more
I say yes. If you don't want another bun. I have a friend, conceived when her mom was about 43.more

The Vagina is Like Las Vegas, Baby!

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, or so they say. Well I say, what goes in the vagina stays in the vagina!A few years ago, I made that statement on the Dr. OZ show while talking about vaginal health during perimenopause and menopause. This is my favorite way to introduce a very important topic that causes so many of you great embarrassment....more

The Anatomy of Hot Flashes

Hot flashes – what are they and what causes them?While nobody actually knows the mechanism for a hot flash, we do know that there is an area in the brain called the hypothalamus that regulates body temperature. For whatever reason, during the transition through perimenopause and menopause, the hypothalamus sends signals that cause women to get hot. It starts out as an ascending flush in the chest, goes up the neck, into the face and turns your face red. There is no rhyme or reason as to which woman will have a mild flash and which woman will have a severe one....more

What are the health issues specific to women over 40?

It’s really important for women in their 40’s to start getting the correct information as they enter perimenopause and move toward menopause. The reason it’s so important is because menopause is a time when women start facing some significant health issues like heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer, among others. Perimenopause gives women an opportunity to start making better health decisions and lifestyle choices which will definitely impact the rest of their lives for the better....more

Menopause is my new Best Friend!

I was born a woman, and have always been comfortable as a woman.  There are many ways to be a woman, and declare your "womanhood".  Some women follow societal norms and portray themselves in the way that society and the media desires them to be, which is "feminine", "womanly", "compassionate", "Nurturing", and in most cases heterosexual.  Some women choose to be the antithesis of what the "norms" tell us to be, and portray themselves as "masculine", "Butch", "hard", "lesbian", and some women fall somewhere along the spectrum of these two.  Some women were born with male ...more

Perimenopause and Menopause

Each woman’s menopause experience is different. What is important to remember is that menopause is a normal, natural event – not a disease! It is defined as the final menstrual period and is usually confirmed when a woman has missed her menstrual cycle for 12 months in a row What that means is that our ovaries are done doing their job of making estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. We should all thank our ovaries for their excellent service!...more

Somedays our hormones clash

Lets start with where we are right now ... my oldest daughter has hit the tween years also known as a preadolescent girl.  I on the other hand have been in the midst of perimenopausal symptoms....Some girls are feisty from the get go ...The pre teen or “tween” years though, can be the time which parents find most confounding. At this time parents can struggle with everything from girls (and boys) becoming increasingly defiant......more

Anxiety...Why Can't I Quit You?

  I read s...more
fledged  They have really worked for me.  Someone else suggested adding magnesium to the list.more

Got March Menopause Madness?

She shoots….She SCORES menopausal symptom happiness! And the crowd goes wild! (Ahhhhh)...more