It's super noisy out there, so why write? What I've learned at BlogHer 14

I'm writing this from a chilly conference room in San Jose, which at this particular point in time is home to the BlogHer14 conference. The subject: The Future of the Social Web....more

Unspecific and yet specific

*Originally published on Smart Stunning Searching on the 26th of November, 2013.*...more

Another Sunday Night . . .

*Post originally published on Smart Stunning Searching on the 24th of November, 2013.*Another Sunday night and I’ve left some of my projects until now! Why do I always do this? Fortunately, I’ve gotten all most of my lesson plans done. I think I just need to create about ten or so lesson plans for each subject, and then I won’t have to do this every day. I have a review coming up at the end of this week so I won’t have as much time as I’m used to....more

First BlogHer post!

     Directionless Mom Hello all!  This is my first post on Blogher! Very excited to connect with everyone. I thought I would link you to my blog first (see link above).  I haven't been blogging for a long time, but I am very passionate about it already, and hope you will do me the pleasure of clicking and taking a look! ...more
@Karen Ballum Thank you!more

Kitty's Line of Thought

It's about my life, my thoughts, that i want to show you in my photography....more

Food, Photos and Fun

My first camera was a polaroid that my mom gave me. It was pink and grey and I loved it! I would take scissors and do a design around the image as it developed. I remember the fun of fanning it around watching it develop. The next camera was a disc camera, it was a lot of fun because it was small and I could take it everywhere with me, but hated waiting to get the pictures back when we dropped off the disc to get it developed. I went through a lot of point and shoot digital cameras before I finally got a Cannon SLR. My oldest one is 6 years old now and my newest one is just now a year....more

Personal Branding and a Lesson From Picasso

Client says to me: "I'm not applying for an executive role, and the people on Linkedin are in more professional jobs than I'm going for, so why should I bother about personal branding?" ...more

Feminists, Please Stop Trying To Make Me Renounce Feminism

I was nineteen the first time I decided that feminism was a load of crap. I was a co-president of NYU's Women in Film association, had nearly completed my minor in Women's Studies, was one of only nine women in my class at Tisch's prestigious Kanbar Institute for Film and TV, and I decided that the whole thing was kind of a giant crock that I wanted nothing to do with....more
Great post.  Expresses and articulates so much of what I haven't been able to put into words. ...more

My Birthday Blessing

Oh Lord! I don't even know where to start. I just brought in my birthday in worship and it was something! God's presence is always so new, no matter how long we live. I'm officially 24 years old and me at this age, is nothing like I thought it would be, or how I imagined it as a kid. I was supposed to be grown and rich by now. I got the grown part, but the rich... not so much....more