The Eternal Third Wheel (aka Me!)

SO, the curse of the third wheel. We all know of it, we all dread it. Being amigo number trio and having to sit on the outside of the booth, awkwardly looking into your drink and avoiding eye contact with pitying strangers as your bud and their special bud giggle and nuzzle at each other in the corner next to you.  I mean, it could be worse. You could be trapped in the corner. What do you do when you need to pee in that situation? Having to ask friends to stop snogging so you can slip to the loo is never fun.  ...more

The Sudden Loss of my Grandpa

As many of you who are aware last week we lost my grandpa. I would like to take this moment to tell everyone who has reached out, prayed for our family, and just offered to be a shoulder to cry on, we really do all appreciate it....more

100 Minutes of Me Time

There is a phenomenal woman that I work with. Every day she comes into the office a half-hour early, sits in the break room and reads. She regularly encourages other people to take time to do the things they love. And when I once asked her who she could make happier, she said she wanted to make herself happier by putting the same amount of time into her interests as she invests in the people around her....more

A Return

BlogHer was recommended to me a few years back but I never pursued it and I have twice lost all memory of my password.Today, a woman who is a member of another social media group in which I participate asked for a safe place to blog and I asked her whether anyone suggested BlogHer to her.As it turns out, most of the women in that group are members here.Now for my whine.  Puh-leeze I do not care whether or not this forum considers my password sufficiently secure or not.  I want a password that I can remember.  Period....more

My First Time

| by K. N. |I knew I wanted to have sex with Charles before I even met him. I didn’t know how old he was, what he looked like, if he would ever make me laugh.I just knew, as only a passionately political 22-year old could, that I wanted to know this man, to be part of his story, to be more connected with him than I ever had anyone else....more

A New Year's Letter of Complaint and Capitulation

If I could write a letter to New Year’s Eve it would start:Little Time31/12/14London Dear NYE,I’m not angry at you, I’m just disappointed… ...more

Brain potpourri

Played grease monkey with my father-in-law last month as he taught me...more

It's super noisy out there, so why write? What I've learned at BlogHer 14

I'm writing this from a chilly conference room in San Jose, which at this particular point in time is home to the BlogHer14 conference. The subject: The Future of the Social Web....more

First BlogHer post!

     Directionless Mom Hello all!  This is my first post on Blogher! Very excited to connect with everyone. I thought I would link you to my blog first (see link above).  I haven't been blogging for a long time, but I am very passionate about it already, and hope you will do me the pleasure of clicking and taking a look! ...more
@Karen Ballum Thank you!more