8 Necessary Financial Adjustments When Having a Baby

As a mum to twin babies, I can tell you first hand that having kids is life changing, expensive and most certainly requires that you readjust your finances to accommodate their needs. However, you can have children and still manage your finances well enough to build long term wealth while providing for your children's needs. You just need to plan accordingly. Here are a few tips:...more

Couples Finances: How to Start the Money Talk

Congrats, you're engaged!! Or you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together!! No matter where you are in your relationship, if you are planning for a long term future then it’s important to start thinking about your finances. According to CNBC, finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship. Don’t let money get in the way of the happiness between you and your partner....more

Why You Should Be Your Own Backup Plan

  I am a firm believer that regardless of what it is that you do, whether you have a corporate job or are a small business owner or a stay at home mom, ...more

4 Ways to Save Money

Some years ago, I was in a financial mess.My business website was hacked, I had a mortgage loan to deal with, utility bills to pay, mouths to feed and dependents to take care of. My emergency fund was getting depleted fast. I knew I needed to put on my thinking cap or I could get drowned.I took many decisions to save the situation and one of them was to cut my expenses. None of the ways I cut my expenses was groundbreaking enough to be decisive but combined, they helped me save a whopping 4 figure every month....more

7 Tips for Making Your Money Grow

Almost everyone is interested in finding ways to make more money and to make their money grow.  The good news is that everyone has the capability to make it happen.  The bad news is there's no "get rich quick" way to really do it.  It takes healthy financial habits, practice, and patience to build the type of bank account you've always wanted. Here are seven surefire ways to make your money grow....more

My once EPIC designer handbag collection

 Today I'm going to share some more of my past financial foolishness! ...more

E-Course: Goal Setting to Live Your Dreams

  I'm SUPER EXCITED to present my very first e-course and it's FREE!!We all have dreams.Some of our dreams are little, some of our dreams are big but we all have them....more


  For many people, budgeting is just not any fun. It means limits or lack or even punishment. But having a budget or some form of a budget is really important for your financial success. I personally prefer the word "plan" to the word "budget"  because it doesn't sound so constraining....more

Marriage and Managing Your Finances

I always find that this topic raises a lot of debate especially when it comes to the discussion of joint finances....more

Dealing with Debt - Part 2

 Just to recap, in part one (see it here) I talked about creating a game plan for dealing with any overwhelming debt you might have and I listed the below steps:...more