Defining Your Life's Purpose—At Any Age

15 Ways to Rock Your Aloneness


How I Moved Through Fear -- and You Can, Too

Earlier this year, I was asked to give a keynote speech on the subject of what I’d learned after interviewing 100+ women about their midlife awakenings and reinventions—and how I’d transformed my life in the process. I wanted to say no. I voiced my doubts that I’d be a good candidate, but was pressed to reconsider.What was holding me back?...more

Learning to Ask for Things

Can you please take out the trash? Can you please empty the dishwasher? Easy requests for most; not so for me. I have always had a hard time asking for things, having grown up being self-sufficient and self-reliant. Both my parents proudly claimed they “never had to ask for anything for anyone,” and I have mimicked their behaviors. ...more

Create a More Fulfilling Life: You Already Have EVERYTHING You Need

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Why Straight Lines Are A Myth

The other day I was in conversation with a friend who I highly respect. He was telling me about his frustration in getting a deal done. He was finding it difficult to get the needle to move along the line from point A to point B the way he wanted it to. My response was that there are no straight lines anymore....more

Yes! To Almost Everything...

I am painting my nails and listening to the Year Of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Alex comes and sits next to me and I pause the book. "Is the book you're listening to good?" He says. "Yes, it is very good." I respond.  Alex then asks what the book is about. I tell him that it is about saying yes to the things you are afraid of. "Well that's just stupid!" He says. "If you are afraid of something, you just shouldn't do it." He continued. ...more

Helping things grow

 Sometimes, it's literal--cultivating veggies and flowers. Often, it's educational--helping students learn and expand their thinking. Frequently, it's personal--generating ideas and new skills....more

Transform Failure into Success

Imagine for a moment how differently you would feel about your life if you weren’t afraid of failing.Napolean Hill wrote that every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.Fear of failure. We’ve all been there. I know I have. It creates this frozen feeling, a paralysis that disconnects you from the flow of life....more

2015.. The year to be intentional!

As we enter 2015 we all like to look back over the previous year. Sometimes we like what we see in the rearview. However, often times we spend days making goals and plans on how to make the New Year better. We even resolve to make resolutions, but if we are honest with ourselves most of the time by Jan 30th our resolutions are yet again something that we will cringe as we gaze upon the previous year and see a lot of disappointment, failure, regret, etc.  If resolutions are your thing then by all means make them and stick with them....more