Transform Failure into Success

Imagine for a moment how differently you would feel about your life if you weren’t afraid of failing.Napolean Hill wrote that every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.Fear of failure. We’ve all been there. I know I have. It creates this frozen feeling, a paralysis that disconnects you from the flow of life....more

2015.. The year to be intentional!

As we enter 2015 we all like to look back over the previous year. Sometimes we like what we see in the rearview. However, often times we spend days making goals and plans on how to make the New Year better. We even resolve to make resolutions, but if we are honest with ourselves most of the time by Jan 30th our resolutions are yet again something that we will cringe as we gaze upon the previous year and see a lot of disappointment, failure, regret, etc.  If resolutions are your thing then by all means make them and stick with them....more

Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic GrowthLife is full of irony and paradoxes. The more people I meet, the more my theory about post traumatic growth is confirmed. We all want to live a life that is trauma free and coasts along smoothly. I can’t imagine anyone deliberately choosing hardship over harmony. Yet there are many virtues associated with experiencing a difficult time. When we are struggling and life has pushed us into a corner, we go into survival mode and we find skills and strengths that we never knew we had. This allows us to grow and be more resilient in life....more

The Lunch Date

If you get to know me, you will soon realize that I love being around people. I am mostly an extrovert by nature and have greatly disliked doing things by myself.Eating alone, watching a movie alone, walking alone, driving alone, being at home alone… You get the idea. There were many things I did not enjoy doing on my own.During my twenties, I challenged myself to do two things alone - dining out and watching a movie. It was one of the hardest things I tried doing....more

The Internet Women Are Building

The internet is changing the way women interact with the world. It's opening up all kinds of new opportunities for us, both the terms of business, and in personal growth.Two things struck me the first time I went to a blogging conference....more
Love this :)more

Landmines Amongst the Jimmy Choos

 In third grade at Ladue Elementary, Bryan Kratky gave up chocolate for Lent and stuck to it.            I used to wonder why I have never forgotten this funky, niggling factoid. Why remember Bryan, first AND last name, when the rest of my class – other than our teacher, Miss Storer, who could whistle Happy Birthday – were a mystery by middle school?...more
Great question! My answer is No, it's not cheating if you shop for others. Think about it... ...more

Advice for Any Situation: 13 Posts for 2014

The start of a new year is like Christmas for life coaches.  Resolutions are made, gym memberships purchased and a sense of optimism and hope is in the air.And even though most resolutions don’t survive January, the feeling of inspiration and excitement for the future is something worth keeping all year long.So to motivate you through the cold winter months and beyond, I’ve assembled my 13 favorite inspirational blog posts from 2013 to send you on your way well into 2014....more

Day 5: Belief

     There are not too many things I don't believe in.  One of the only things I can think of right now I don't believe in is hell.     I was raised Catholic and never resonated with that religion or any of the Christian faiths.  I believe in the wisdom of the soul and that we each should follow that wisdom wherever it leads us.  For some, it will most definitely lead them to Christianity and I honor those who are strongly committed to that path.  ...more

Daughter, Make Mistakes!

She is crying, my 14-year-old daughter, on the sidewalk in front of our house. This is where we met when I returned from my almost-anxious walk to her school a few blocks away to look for her. She did not come home after practice as expected. My walk back – knowing she wasn’t at home or at school—was not fun. “It was a mistake!” she insisted. “I am sorry and it won’t happen again…” ...more

The Vulnerability Of Exposing Your Dark Side

To expose our wounds to people we care about – the icky stuff, the ego stuff, the personal growth edges we’re working on that we haven’t yet mastered – is super vulnerable. Letting others see our “big ugly tails” (hat tip to my dear friend Amy Ahlers, who has seen my big ugly tail and trusted me enough to let me see hers) tends to trigger all our core fears of rejection and abandonment, of withdrawal of love....more